The Forbidden Places...

Disclaimer: The following article involves a topic which is not appropriate for family reading. I have made it as clean as possible. Ladies and sissy boys, if you stumble upon these places, at least don’t reveal your enlightening source. I don’t think I can handle being roughed up by pissed off brothers.

These are the places in a typical guy’s PC. Some conditions apply though.
1. No nosy sisters proficient in the intricacies of a PC. (Also add younger brothers and rarely elder ones)
2. PC is untouched by parents and elder relations.
3. PC in a hostel or friends living together.
Many other stipulations may be added…

Where to find them?
Inside folders and folders and folders of Windows, Turbo C++, Office etc or may be even in the desktop of the bolder ones (I know at least one guy ;-))

The common names?
Files may be having extensions dll (the most popular one), cpp, sys etc and they have sizes in excess of 1 MB (usually 50+)

The folder names may be bizarre but it really makes sense to those who know them.
E.g. BITS (should make sense to anyone), MIT (M inducing technology), NIT (N in techniques), Pilani (my favourite), Porndicherry (the name says it all), Junk (another favourite), names of places like Mysore, Faridabad etc…and the list moves on

If you find such things in a PC stay clear instead of getting nasty surprises (i.e.  if you don’t want any!)

P.S: If this is inappropriate or in poor taste please be honest. I will take the post of immediately, IF I am convinced :-).


kickassso said...


my sister goes through all the blogs i read:|

Erosimian said...

heh heh.

IIT guys use "pondy" folder name in My Documents.

But I think "My P0rn" is a nice name. :-D

Don't take this blog entry off. :-)

Freedom of speech man! ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey kickasso, adversity is the father of creation!

Unknown said...

@duttan You told me about the pondy once. Thats how it came in here. Hi5 to freedom of speech!

naveen said...

All my stuff are under real names!! No1 will luk here except me!! i prefer hiding it inside any strategy game folders...emporers and other sierra stuff!!! No 1 likes tht games,so no problemo!!!and my favourate 1's in folder Project!!! Eurotrip!!!! and, HI5 2 freedom of speech!!!!

Erosimian said...

Eurotrip!! :-D

naveen said...

Yeah,eurotrip!!! a fantastic film!!! A must c 4 all dudes..

Unknown said...

Ya a good buddy/sleazy movie!

haris said...

Useless way ->hidden files!!! :(
So making virtual drives encryptions virtual folders Xdrives ,software companies are working hard to make secrets so secret,all those crackers and pirates working hard day by day for us to simply download and njoy .Donno how much time to encrypt all those GBs. But we need need more free spaces to fill "it" up.

Erosimian said...

@naveen, i have seen Eurotrip! :D

Must play for a guys only tour. :D

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