Out in the cold...-I

'I think I will go to the beach today.', Rithesh told himself. It didn't really matter. It was the same everyday. He goes to the beach around 7 in the evening. Every evening. Couples were leaving as he arrived. "Girls going back to the hostel", he told himself and stared longingly at a couple parting.

'First week in their relationship I guess,' he sighed and recalled those first days with....

"What yo mumblin' dude?", he started when he heard a voice behind him.

'Of all people it had to be this fool, thought Rithesh.' "Nothing," he replied and gave a forced smile at Paul, his classmate.

"Ah! The dawn light fadin'. Da time for yo poetz, eh?", a semi question by Paul.

Rithesh smiled trying really hard to suppress his irritation. 'The stupid accent of the sucker and its dusk.', thought Rithesh as he bade good bye to Paul with a few mumblings.

"Gud Bye matie! Waitin' for the bloody piece of work", Paul winked and left.

"Bloody on your ass", Rithesh remarked angrily suddenly being aware of few angry eyes at him.

'Females. Won't let a man bloody swear.' he thought to himself as he smiled apolegitically at a couple of girls.

He ambled on to his usual haunt, a rock by the sea. As he sat down he glanced at a sharp rock pretty much submerged under the water. He felt a sharp tug at his heart. Memories came flooding in...That evening...

"Thats a fuckin' white sand!", exclaimed Rithesh as he stared at the white sand apparently came up due to the low tide.

"Oouch!", he felt a sharp pain in his ear. Gayathri was pinching his ears.

"No swearing Mister", she said.

"Yes Boss!", said he and sidestepped.

She started after him and tripped. As she fell she caught a sarp rock to get a grip and nicked her palm. As he helped her up he saw her hand bleeding.

"Its bleeding.", he said.

"Let it. The price of falling in love. I don't...", she stopped in mid sentence as he took her hands hand and sucked on the wound.

"What...", she resisted.

"Don't speak. I am the doc", he said and he kissed her hands. "All done!. Its patched up."

"It still aches. Right here.", she said in a mock tired tone and touched her heart.

"And I got the perfect medicine.", he said as he took her face and they kissed with the sun setting behind them. (continued...)

Whew! I wrote this story in S3 (third semester) for a short story contest conducted by our college's literary club. I wanted to write it as a single post but I am not able to recreate the exact stuff here. If I wait for that then I probably won't post my 100th post. :-P I got first prize for this story. I request everyone to read it as a whole when the rest are published. Only then you can feel the exact feel of the story.
Special thanks to Scorpions, Billy Idol, Oasis, Meat Loaf, Gary Moore, Jethro Tull, etc... for giving me inspiration with their heart warming love ballads. Forgive me and wait for the rest of it...:-P


Erosimian said...

Literature like this is unbecoming of a Sith Apprentice.

Sith License cancelled.


Unknown said...

Wait dude read on ;-)

lost optimist..^!^ said...

wow!!..waiting eagerly for the rest!!..good work!

Anonymous said...

Good work mac just kill the suspense will u and post the rest of it

Unknown said...

Friends: May be the nexy part today...I was kinda busy yesterday. My cousin came over and put me at gunpoint to write a tour report for him for their residents association magazine

The Storyteller said...

Congratulations on ur 100th post <:-p
Will look forward for the entire story :)


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