Myself in 20 points...

This is my 99th post. I have read this introspection tag in various blogs. So I thought I would do the same for my 100th post. But then I have got a nice surprise of sorts to celebrate my 100th post. So this would be number 99. ;-)

1. I am a single child. I have got all the good and bad aspects from being one. But I am very close to my two cousins who fill the void as younger brothers.
2. Till I was 10 we lived with my maternal Grandmother and aunts at her house. All around us where our relations and I never felt lonely. Being the first born male in two branches of my mother’s family meant I was regarded as special kid and still it is so.
3. I was raised mainly by my aunts since my mother worked in Kollam at that time. The biggest influence in my life was my Grandma. My life hasn’t been quite the same since she passed away.
4. I used to be an ultra buji in school. I often go on an egoistical spree saying I am very intelligent, but it is quite true. I never needed to sit and study as such. I understood things very easily and that lead to me being very lazy and into a learning disorder.
Even now I don’t study even in the study leave. And I open the book at after 10:30PM the night before the exams.
Even then I manage to study nothing. Scraped through a lot of exams without studying a word. But this time I think I really screwed up. :-(
5. I believe in God and in the power of mantras and rituals. I think my religious belief would be a cross between Vedic Hinduism and modern paganism. :-P
6. I can’t sit idle for long, unless I am reading. I enjoy long walks instead of sitting at a place and you can see me wandering aimlessly in the city.
7. Sadness is something I cannot stand. I give lot of spare change to beggars as I cannot restrain myself from being pitiful. I even gave 10 bucks to small girl once as I had no change to spare. Has to change this attitude!
8. My room is a mess. Absolutely in an anarchy. But inside my PC everything is very well arranged. The best I have ever seen!
9. My passion since my childhood has been reading. Mainly fiction. I got this from my mom. She used to be voracious reader in her youth. My Grandfather was also an avid reader.
My first books would be Russian translations of fairy tales which my mom bought for me. Some interesting books which let my imagination run wild. Then used to be Balarama and Poompata (which I still read :-P). Later on Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew etc after moving to our home and getting membership in Sree Chithira Thirunaal Library. Then I became friends with Aswin who introduced me to the world of thrillers with a book called Shaitan. Then Sheldon, Archer, Wilbur Smith, John Grisham, Forsyth etc and now Dan Brown have been my staple food.
I read both English and Malayalam books. Though Malayalam is quite less these days.
My favourite writer would be Basheer in Malayalam and Ernest Hemingway in English followed closely by Tolkien and Douglas Adams.
10. Music is an integral part of my life now. My first song box was a tape recorder my father bought when I was 6 (Besides an old radio). Before that we got cheated by a stupid scheme at the end of which we got cheated with a blanket instead of a tape!
That system was pretty beat up and done by the time I was 10 and I had to wait till I was 15 to get a song box. My computer!
The music I listen to is mainly rock and its various flavours. I was hooked to it after listening to Sweet Child o mine by Guns N Roses. I haven’t been the same since.
11. I don’t watch much TV these days. Mainly sitcoms: Full House, Friends, Carolyn in the city, Will & Grace Etc. Basically the stuff on Zee Café. I watch news channels and my favourites are Headlines Today and CNN IBN. My crushes are usually the news babes! :-P (Smriti Rao, Aneesha Nayar etc)
Earlier I used to watch Cartoon Network from Dawn to Dusk (when I was in high school).
12. I am quite overweight and I love junk food. Are these connected? :-D
13. I believe in numerology and my lucky number is 3 and unlucky is 13!
14. Sometimes I see some strange dreams. Once I saw my self at school stark naked! :-D
Today afternoon I saw a dream in which I was playing with a tiger!
15. I like creating stuff. But I am lazy to write. The movies I made were critically acclaimed ones with mass appeal! (Beyond the Horizon and Open Source: May the source be with you) Thought the third one ‘New Avenues’ was not up to the mark.
16. I have got lots of prizes. In painting in lower classes at school and for various items in college. Something, err, the only respectable thing I got after 4 years in engineering.
The most prized would be the first in Technical writing me and Haris got at Thodupuzha, University College of Engineering, my very first after a long time.
17. I am kind of a loner and I feel out of place in all the gatherings including ones with my friends. I am kind of shy towards girls and it takes a lot of time for me to get acquainted with one of the fairer kind.
18. Witticism is one of my strength and I realised this in college. I am quick thinker on the feet and make all kinds of excuses which are believed 99 times out of 100. Now thinking of making one to go on a trip to Ponmudi with guys.
19. I think my biggest inhibition is my stammer. It’s a less pronounced these days, but it is still there and hits me strong at times, crucial times.
I had a surgery to correct it but Doctors said that my vocabulary was far advanced and set than any 11 year old kid and so it is difficult to wipe off completely. I went for a therapy but had to discontinue due to various reasons.
20. I never thought I would smoke and had an allergy due to my migraine. But now…I don’t smoke much mind you…maybe a couple of fags a day. That too because I am sitting bored as there is no college. But I have to stop given my addictive personality.
A new year resolution???
Wine is something I am quite comfortable with and I don’t have it often. In fact I can count the number of times with a hand (may be both hands and feet :-P).

This may have bored you people, but hey, I poured my heart out here! :-P
My longest post in terms of content and the time taken…
It has been a difficult hour thinking about myself and I may have missed many points I would have written.
Hail Narcissism!


silverine said...

1. Me a third child :)
2.My biggest influence has been Dad and eldest brother :)
4.Ditto but no learning disorder
5 and 6 and 7: Ditto except wandering around the city :))
8.My room and PC is well arranged!
9 and 10: Love books and music.
12:Am underweight :))
13: I dont belive in numerology etc.
14.Who doens'nt see strange dreams?
15: I love to write :)
16: Loved to paint in schools, only watercolors though.
17.I am happy alone and with company.
18.Ditto :))

Great post. and am looking forward to your 100th!!!

kickassso said...

1) first child, but not only....DAMN SISTER &%)(*&%)
2)lived with my grandma.... no comment:|
4) ditto!
5) fully religous, but not of unwavering faith...
6)ditto, but i choose to sleep instead
7)eh heh, lets just say my ma does enough charily for my entire family
9)listening to music is my passion:)
10)jazz n country here, but music all da way!
11)sitcoms and still CN:D
12)ditto again:P
14) ditto.. tahnkfully i forget them( phew!)
15)love creating... but solid things... one of the reasons i love engineering, like someone said, if god didnt make it, an engineer did!
16)hehe.. i chose to keep my talent to myself:D
17)well sort of...
18)absolutely:P PJ king of sarvodaya here, well wx king:D
think thats about it:)

Unknown said...

@silverine Thanx for dropping by! And i missed to write that I love writing though i am too lazy to write at times. I was bad with watercolours, the exact reason why I stopped painting. I was a wizard with sketch pens (who isnt?)

@kickasso thankfully I am not a classified PJ thanks to my friend Naveen! I think I will start exploring country and jazz now! Thanx for sharing your views...

Arti Honrao said...

Hi ...
Glad to meet you ;)

Unknown said...

@arti My pleasure...;-)

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