Get ready for Shyamaprasad's Rithu

His new film, Rithu (Seasons), is a buddy tale that blooms in the changing social and emotional landscape of a small south Indian town.

Three childhood friends, who grew up in the same neighborhood and went to same school and college, weave up their dreams about life together. Sarat, Varsha, and Sunny were inseparable in their love, bonding, and innocence. Sarat and Varsha grew fond of each other, in a more internal and less physical manner. Sunny is more like a brother to Sarat.

To raise money to achieve their dreams, Sarat leaves for California to live and work. The other two take up jobs in Bangalore.

Three years later, they return to the throes of their changing hometown. After an emotional reunion and a sweet build-up of hopes, each finds that beneath their camaraderie, they had actually outgrown their old selves. 

My cousin is working on the post production of this movie and he is raving about it. His ravings and my tastes sometimes contradict. This is one movie which I hope we don't! After a wonderful Ore Kadal, I hope Shyamaprasad continues his good touch.

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