Eenie Meanie Whiny Me!

Wow! Some response to my previous post! Well, now I think about it I was feeling quite low at that point of time. I had my best friend calling me up and asking whether there was anything terribly wrong! I just read Arti's blog and she qouted from somewhere "When in pain Blog!" May seem a bit lame but how true! I think that blogging has opened an all new avenue to vent out the steam.
For me, I have been discovering quite an unknown side of myself through my blog. I am the first to admit that I never really chat upto a person in a face to face conversation unless I am very close or I am mad at that person (usually teachers :-D).
The more deplorable is my skill on the telephone. A couple of hours back I chatted with a friend on Sree's mobile and she remarked that it was our first phone conversation even after being friends. Hmmm, how true!
Not just with friends whom I know for 4-5 years, but with my close family too I have this problem running out of words on the phone. My favourite aunt had said that she would really miss me if I went away somewhere because I don't much use the phone.
But writing is different for me. I never really have a lack of words,they just keep coming to my hands. I made some good friends after getting net and chatting and cemented some good ones to strong ones too.
Hmmm, I can say that "I have more friends now!" :-D

Well thanks to all who commented on the below entry.Especially Duttan, Divya and Hary.


Erosimian said...

hey man.

Anything for a friend.

Anonymous said...

and i so do agree......blogging has changed me n also helped me find some gr8 friends...
n since the mornin coffee hasnt kicked in yet.....we'll leave it there.

The Storyteller said...

:"> [:blush:][Nvr knew sum1 wud b influ'ed by this]
I had come to that title for my post after I had read a few blogs esp. of teenagers.
I had a personal exp. with pain-blog it thing and I now respect this mantra of bloggin :)


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