Scorpio Durantham!!!!

Scorpio durantham!!!!
Originally uploaded by naveen t s.
Naveen posted this in the Flickr page.
The vehicle in question was hired by the "kidilams" in our college to go and have a jolly time. Some jolly time indeed! They went at some 120 Kph and swerve and hit the dust.
Fortunately(?) none of then were hurt. Only Physically! They were set back by some 1.5 lakhs (if I remember correctly). Rich Dad, Wrong people, Bad driving.
What an excellent combination!


kickassso said...


we went on a tour on a bunch of Pulsar 180's and 150's, unicorns, a modded ybx and victor...we averaged 90kmph, and 120 sometime... all of us came back in one piece:D

wind biking to dry our kovalam wet pants!

if we had skidded or something...*shudders*
thankfully, we are all safe drivers:>

danya said...

Heard abt the incident from som relatives and locals over there at anad...coz we were ving study leave at tht a chance to c the ART OF DRIVING by our(????????) college guys

Unknown said...

@kickassso- these are irresponsible pot smoking rascals. nuff said.

Erosimian said...

lol. rich dads converted to poor dads.

clueless n00bs.

they should have tried to setup a lan party instead! Atleast the worst thing that would have happened is they all would have been immolated in an electrical fire!

Unknown said...

Lan party would have been cool. No way these idiots could have done well in that.

naveen said...

This picture is OK...u shld c some other pic of this accident!!!horrible!!!And dhanya,v were not having study leave!! Classes were gng on!!! And,tht slogan"Wrong people,wrong way,wrong result" was sujjested by none other than Kiran Thampi S.....Some talent he has got!!!Hehe...if u want more photos,just say 2 me...will upload it with pleasure!!!

haris said...

i havnt seen the photo b4 dude its cool (not to be inside the "luxury" )he he ..The passion of driving ,but with a slippery hand can end up like this .

Sreejith Panickar said...

Wow! Lucky they were unhurt.

Unknown said...

@sreejith Very lucky indeed!

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