Pappoos Training Programme

Hello (again)

Inspite of hectic schedule I have come to address you people for elaborating on some points...

1. He is a lair. (Me: *yaaawn*)
2. He is a born lair (Me: *zzzzz*)
3. He is 500 miles away from me or else.... (Me: *snuggles pillow *)

Yours Lovingly


So the training program began. Since our hero had a critical hear condition, the programme was a capsule,crash course...

Pappoos: *blushes, smiles, shakes his head*
Neo: *slaps Pappoos* Lesson one...stop doing that!
Gentlemaanyan (GM from now on): Close your eyes...concentrate...till you see 'the white light and deep brown tranquil depths'...
Garfield: We ain't talking about you, dumbo! (That is a novel on its own, we will think about it later :D)

Pappoos: My training???
Neo: Ok. First...
Garfield: I thought we were done with that. I'll take the repeat lesson! *slaps Pappoos across his face*
Neo: I meant second.

(GM restrains Pappoos while Neo and Garfield takes cover)

Neo: Enough play. Welcome to the real world. You are the one Pappu. Remember.
GM: I thought you were Neo not Morpheus.
Neo: *ignores GM* Seek the truth Pappu...look inside and you will see...
Garfield: Shit! *looking at his Mechanics answer sheet*
Neo: Shut up asshole!

Pappoos: What is love?
GM: Its white light filling your heart!
Garfiled: *Phbbbt!* >:P
Neo: There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path...
Pappoos: Talk straight you fuckers!

Garfiled: Aliya, just rehearse what you want to say in your mind and go on.
Neo: Ok! Enough matrix crap. Treat a lady like you treat a flower.
GM: A white flower!
Pappoos: I don't know! I usually bite flowers.

Garfield: Yeah! Just go near her. Grab her hand. Give a hard bite to her pinky finger!
Neo: You have to treat her with some admiration and adoration.
GM: And give your 'whitest' smile!

Pappoos: So I go her and ask her right?
3 together: Well...if you want to...
Neo: *correcting* want her!

Pappoos thought for a while. Then with encouragement came from the girls...they cheered him on...Gaangandharvan(GG) joined us...

GG: Aliya...on this occasion we will sing a song!

GG,Neo and Garfield starts singing...

An empty street
An empty house
A hole inside my heart
I’m all alone
The rooms are getting smaller
Under where?.
My Underwear!
Under what
The days we had
The songs we sang together
Oh yeah
And all my love
We’re holding on forever
Reaching for the love that seems so far... (Westlife: My Love)
(Note: We used to cover this song with this modified lyrics! :P)

Pappoos looked into deep blue sky. He blushed and shook his head. As he smiled he could feel a painful sensation in his cheeks and he regained his composure. He looked determined...

Neo: He is ready!


naveen said...

Aaliya,kollam.... Aathil avasanam enthonnada ezhuthiyirikkunathu??
2day,had JAVA test....kastichu jayichu....

Nibin said...

Hahha...well go on Naru..gud wrkk,,i am expecting more intensity so that i can hv a big smile...

Unknown said...

@pattu: Ethaada? Paataano? Nee alleda alavalaathi aa paatu paadunathu!
@nibin: More intensity? How about the Night of Kattabuji? :P

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