Out in the cold...-III

"Am amazed at how cold dat dude Rithesh is. He lookz az if some one has stuck a hot rod up his ass.", said Paul amidst several snickers.

"Ya know whatz wrong wid him? I am an exchange student ya know.", Paul asked the guys.

They were having a party by the waterfall. Paul was taken in as he spend a lot of money on booze. Most of them were in a state of blissful stupor.

"His girlfriend died...", said Aaron.


A lot of laughs greeted Paul's question. And a big fuck you from Aaron.

"I think Aaron had a crush on her.", said Amal, which was greeted by fist on his face. The mood changed as a drunken fight ensued...

Paul and Prajod carried the drunken guys to their rooms.

"Prajod, honestly dude. how did Rithesh's babe die? AIDS?", asked Paul.

"No, no. She used to be one of those brainy girls who wanted to show off by her academics. She went to the library to get some references done. She was irate with our Amal after some tussle regarding a topic in the class. She tried to get the books out without anyone elses help and to cut the story short a big encyclopedia fell right on her head. She died en route to the hospital.", Prajod sighed as he finished the story.

"No wonder it iz said knowledge is fuckin' deadley", remarked Paul.

Rithesh was staring at Gayathri's photo. He was thinking about her as he usually did all the time.

'People said you were insensitive to romance. You didn't know about love. You cared only about positions. You chose your friends based on their academics. Even after we hooked up people were saying you were insensitive and would leave me for a better person.
But I found you to be caring and our relationship was intense. We explored each other and saw the heights of sexuality. Sure, your so called taboo towards love and sex helped us keep everything under wraps. You mesmerised me and has put me in a spell that would last a life time. All I have to ask you is...forgive my swearing...Why the bloody hell did you go to library that day and put on a fucking show? Baby, you left me out in the cold...'

He started crying and was puzzled by the lack of tears...


Done at last. Just a remote resemblance with my old work. Not so many characters and swearing. But the basic killed by the book idea is the same. I think I fleshed it with more emotions and a rationality. Though the language was much much better in the original. Why the hell does college take in these papers? They don't publish in the magazine and I have to write a substandard stuff for the magazine on the last day. I wish they gave our stories back.
I think this might have been surprising to regular readers of my blog. But hey you need a change once in a while :-P I really don't think it has come to the level I thought it would.
The story was never intended to end this way. I had 1 hour to write the story and I spent a good 50 mins on the guys sadness that i never really thought about the ending. This ending was a result of my frustrated resignation. I won first prize for this. Gawd, how bad the others would have been!!!
I forgot the original title. The title is a lift from the eponymous Judas Priest song.

The story has no resemblance with real life characters or situations. If it does seem to you that way, it is a figment of your imagination and you better approach a Psychiatrist immediately ! :-P


Anonymous said...

oh donno abt the rest of it.....but that killed by a book was COOL!!
on the whole nice one....n yea im wondering how bad the others were!:p
n congrats on the 100+ posts..........yippiee.......treat!

Anonymous said...

Machu nee puliyanu ketta !!!! tht ending was something totally unexpected i read along expecting a run-of-the mill love story but u never fail to surprise with words hats off to u friend .....

Unknown said...

@divya 100 posts...Technically, 100posts =25photos+30polls+5 reviews+35 whinings+rest 5 posts...It doesnt take too long to expand a blog...
btw thanx and tc
@divakar Vo thannede kallipikal theeranilla...

Erosimian said...

heh heh.

no wonder i visit the library rarely.

Sith License renewed in full.


Unknown said...

@duttan Thanx!
Hail Sithism!

Li'l Jinx said...

wow...that wz unexpected!!!

-Poison- said...

finally...i was waiting for the saga to finish...and dude, u sure know how to finish with a flourish!!!

Unknown said...

@sheetal & @poison Thanx a lot!

The Storyteller said...

:)) Too good a story ;) I agree with Divya ... that killed-by-a-book idea was cool ...

Unknown said...

@akansha Danx :-D

danya said...

Naru ,
wht an ending!!!dont misunderstand im appreciating u...vent u heard an old malayalam saying...'padikkan kondu kalam udachu'...thts wht happened here...who gave u prize for the story???anyway except the ending the otehr parts of the story was superb..ur language n imagination...wonderful...never in the future write stories with these type of endings...k...

Unknown said...

@Danya *double :-P*
girl things look different when u are in love, doesnt it?
For me its not. A freebird available for free...doesnt make any sense does it? I hoped so ;-P

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