Adieu my friend!

The street dog,(please forgive me i cudnt find the permalink its the archive page of that month. scroll down for the article) about whom had written earlier has been missing for a few days now. At first I didn't take much notice but recently I have been dreading the possibility of it being trampled under a some vehicle. This feeling was heightened by a couple of decapitated cats I had seen. I was chatting with my mom about the dog and she told that it was taken away. Some CITU guys had lured it into the backside of a cargo auto by placing some food in it. They closed the door and then drove it of to somewhere.
I had grown close to it and really the first dog I have been friends with. It had a human face and eyes, atleast I thought so, and never really barked. It liked me very much and hung around our house most of the time. My mother, who was very apprehensive of the dog had grown to like it. He used to get up and stand beside the gate when it saw my parents. When I came, usually it used to run upto me and climb on to my legs. This dog had really taken away my age old fear of dogs. While I had gone on tour, the animal rescue people took the dog away, neutered it and brought it back with a brand new belt. It really looked cute in that belt. The dog always wanted to be inside the compound, but we never allowed that. I used to be the one to order it out. My friends would remember the funny altercations.
It is still pretty hazy about the motive behind it being taken away. The CITU people never do such things. Besides the dog never went near them. Father said that some lady had entrusted the hotel to give it food in the afternoon for a flat rate of Rs500 a month. Really, kind hearted lady.
Anyway, I really miss you dawg. You were a good dawg. I hope you get good food and live peacefully.


naveen said...

choooooo chweet!!!!!! Veruthe allada ninakkaa peeru vannathu!!!! And may the source b with tht dog also!!!

Unknown said...

@naveen If i get a name for being kind, I am proud to have it!

haris said...

i feel sorry for that dog , may the force with him ... u could hav "adopted" and secured him :(

Unknown said...

@haris .My dad was talking in similar lines. But street dog is a taboo. I guess i am not that broad minded :-(

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