Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and other Alices'

Wish March, 2010 was closer.

Alice in Wonderland always delighted me in both childish and perverse ways. I was engrossed by cartoon series shown on Doordashan years back. Later in my teens, I found a very old copy of the book (including the sequel Through the looking Glass) in my Grandfather's bookshelf during my routine book hunt. I devoured the book immediately and felt there was something edgy about it. Though an innocent tale, it gave me some violent and sexual vibes. Ten years later, I realized I was not the only one. A full blown porn movie set in Alice in Wonderland universe, Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy. Surreal movie to be frank. Actors break into song and dance, that too the most bizarre ones. Highly recommended over your run of the mill porn flick.

Yet another perverted Alice story is the video game American McGee's Alice. Not for kids this one. Will permanently harm them. This is about a psychotic Alice who lost her parents in a fire and bundled into an asylum. She seeks liberation by setting things right in a horribly twisted Wonderland. I never got around to playing the game through. The little that I did boasted wondrous locales and twisted gameplay based on the Alice universe. The game is supposed to get a deserved makeover next year and a movie has been in the works for several years now. To be frank, I would like to see the movie on American McGee's Alice rather than Tim Burton's. That said, I am a big fan of Burton and Johnny Depp. The team never disappointed me. Here is hoping they would give us a brilliant and a fresh take on Alice.

Check this Wikipedia entry to read upon other Alice derivatives. Very exhaustive!

P.S: If somebody finds the old Doordarshan cartoon series, you know where to find me!

P.P.S: It is suggested that Lewis Caroll had a perverted affinity towards young girls. Wikipedia has an entry on it. I recall reading that he wrote Alice in Wonderland during a boat trip with a girl named Alice and her sister. Take it for what its worth. Above all, enjoy his works. It's timeless.

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