Deshabhimani Rocks!

The news in Deshabhimani!!!!


For the Malayalam challenged: The article on the left says that a man won the International Dog eating contest by eating 68 dogs in 10 minutes. The article specifically says that the man ate the meat of 68 dogs.


Now the truth J


What a translation ??????

Got this as a forward today morning. Don’t know if this is photoshopped. Having read Deshabhimani, I can say that it is not! 


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Praveen said...

Its not photoshopped..
infact they carried an apology for the mistake on yeserday's ppr :P

Unknown said...

So you are a regular reader! Marxist!!!

VJ said...

Oh my world! Naru, thanks for pointing this out. Well, I was never proud to say Deshabhimani is my newspaper, but what can I say, my father won't look at another newspaper, and his favorite channel is you guessed it, Kairali. And his favorite son is named Lenin, obviously. But I kinda hate Deshabhimani n I am no communist! Deshabhimani is terrible, they make mistakes in almost every edition. For more, u just turn to the names of English movies released in the city, or names of English people, you will find terrible names there.

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