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Found this in Reddit:

Lot more history behind this letter in Snopes:

Pretty relevant to us, thanks to the hullabaloo associated with decriminalization of Article 377. This snippet deals with the church, but the similar stuff can be made to counter all the concerned sky-daddy worshipers. Religion should exist for the people, not the other way around.

Those saying homosexuality is unnatural lives in a la-la land. Read this and count the species with documented variant sexuality:

I can only laugh at the people who say that this will open the floodgates and our children will become gay. Check this excellent article written by Dr Devdutt Patnaik:

Following excerpt from the article is the most incisive argument you can have in the context of contemporary Indian society:

Logic and science and authority can be used to justify anything. But ultimately we have to ask -- what is our goalpost? Imagine your daughter is getting married to a nice young man who has homosexual feelings. Until a few weeks ago, he never told the world about it for fear of being branded a criminal.

Now, no thanks to the Baba, he feels he is mad. He does not think so. He does not feel so. But he is afraid to tell the world the truth of his desires. So he has firmly entrenched himself in the closet.

He will tell no one, certainly not his mother, or father, or brother, that he has had sex with men. Not one or two, but dozens, secretly, silently, furtive experiences, with men who like him are afraid to disclose their preferences in public lest they be labelled criminals or diseased.

He will marry your daughter. And your daughter will wonder why, in the privacy of the bedroom, this nice man shuns any attempt to be being intimate. Is she the problem? Her self worth will suffer. The marriage will suffer. Children will be conceived in loveless unions. The man will find it difficult to be faithful and seek comfort elsewhere. And your daughter will wonder what is wrong.

The secret will never be revealed. Everyone in this patriarchal society will blame the daughter. A sham of a marriage -- only because of a law, an intolerant society and Baba's authoritative opinion.

Go through the comments as well! Witness the darkness in which our fellow countrymen wallow!

P.S: Not believing in a sky-daddy doesn't equate as being an atheist. For the record, my personal belief is a cocktail that involves a dash of Advaita philosophy mixed with lot of rockusness. Yummy I tell you!

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