3 stages of life

We have 3 stages of life………..
Teenage: Have Time + Energy …but No Money

Working Age: Have Money + Energy …but No Time

Old age: Have Time + Money …but no Energy


Got this as a forward.

I would change teenage to the phase before work. It is apt unless you are guy/gal born to pretty rich parents. We had so much time and so much fun with so little money. 99 rupees for 4 dinner scheme at local restaurants (thattukada). One Appy to rule all our throats. One beer to quench for thirst.

Today? Not hesitating to spend 500-1000 on one meal just for oneself. No time for everyone to gather and go on that ever elusive trip. Booze is for drowning the pressures and to subjugate the worries. This is our life I guess. It’s a bitch.

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