Monsoon and Mallus

Got a forward with a lot of monsoon pics with Malayalam quotes. Some are cheesy, some are classy.

Whats with our obsession and love with rains? May be its the climate. Fucking hot and humid for nearly half the year. Rains come as a welcome relief. Even when it wrecks havoc, we wallow in the love. I tend to think of different possibility. We are possibly the most uptight folks in India as little as I have seen. We don't laugh at any buffoonery, needs a really stiff kick on the back to laugh. Just go for a run of the mill Bollywood comedy movie. Those folks would be doubling up with laughter and we are like 'Duh!' Steering back to the topic. We are so uptight that we find rain to be liberating. We associate rain with outpouring of our emotions without actually doing so. We get that liberated feeling by associating ourselves with rain. Liberation of our joy, pain, pleasure, lust...

Or...Am I the only mallu who see rain in this way? Should seek professional help then!

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