Role Playing Games!

Colloquium is just over. The single worst program organised by the college was witnessed. Not the tech events. Though I feel we would have done a lot better had one of us been the Secretary. Lord Sam was offered the post but we had decided earlier not to get involved after the bitter experience we got at organising Illuminati fro CBI. Sabarish was the secretary. He is terrific organiser, but no man is an island and he alone could do nothing. I'll rant about this later on. Not in the right mood. There is lot of steam to vent. Later.

Well, I did miss organising a lot. There was nothing to do and a busybody like me was suffering. It was time for blabbing with friends. Having a 'happy meal'. Our kind of happy meal is we all pool our money in and buy the food. Then share. Some 15 boys and girls. The canteen people were stunned when me and hafeez gave them the bill for 50 parottas and 6 beef chillies!
These meals are really an experience. Basking in the sunshine of our friendship. That morning a couple of outside guys were rather amused with 5 of us fighting over a chocobar and Nisha crying as she got only the stick in the end. They must have felt that we had no manners. To hell with them.

Other times were spend in seclusion in the comfort of our classroom just chatting away and some were catching on some sleep. Brilliant opportunity for love birds but your truly decided to punish them with his words of wisdom.
I left them for a while and then Panackal motioned me that we will start the 'chori' (meaning ribbing)
We tortured them with our questions and counter counter questions. Suddenly we decided to start a preparation class for the birdies. Like interview and GD preparation we don't have classes for telling your parents about your love.
I became Odie's dad (despite his protests!) and Pana became Odie's darling's dad.

This roleplay was very tough. With guest appearance from Sreenath as her uncle.
Dad: I have this person for you. Take a look. Working in *********.
Dar: I don't want him.
Dad: Enthu? (in Maneesha tongue) [this means an emphatic 'WHAT?') Whats wrong with him?
Dar: Nothing. but i don't want him.
Dad: You like some one else?
Dar: Yes. i like odie.
Dad: but he is**************(not swearing dear friends! cannot reveal these things!)
Dar: Its ok. Thats not much.
Dad: Let him come and tell me about it. (several other dialogues have been gobbled by yours truly)

Odie has already told his mother. his mother has told his father about this. But father takes no notice.

Odie: Daddy! Lets go to Darlings home!
Me: WTF?
Odie: My dad never says that!
Me: CUT!

Odie: There is a girl called darling.
Me: So I should standon my head?
Odie: F U!
Me: CUT!

Odie: Did mother say anything to u about darling?
Me: U want to tell me anything just tell me.
Odie: I like darling.
Me: Does her family know.
Odie: Yes and she told them we are coming today.
Me: Whom did you ask first? I am not going anywhere. If you step outside I'll break your legs!
Odie: He might actually say that!
Me: CUT!

All the earlier conversations
Me: But she is ***********
Odie: I think it is ok. is'nt it?
Me: Ok with me? But what about her family?
Odie: We'll convince them!
Me: Oho! So u want me to suffer embarrassment due to my son?
Odie: Awwww!
Me: CUT!

After more takes and cuts we cut to the scene3

Darling's home.
*ding dong* on a very odd doorbell! (believe me it is very odd!)
Darling's mommy opens and lets them in, Odie and his parents.
Odie: Uncle this is my father.
After pleasantaries.
OF: My son wants to marry ur daughter.
DF: But he is **********
OF: Is it such an issue?
DF: What about our families honor? (Njangalude kudumbathinte maanam nokkende?)
OF: Mr. DF, Does ur family have such high honors? (Mr.DF ningalude kudumbathinu athrakkum valiya manamundo?)

Then a laugh riot started and we lost the momentum.
Our alternate plan for eloping was also in discussion as well as a neat idea by Pattu to let the parents know about this with no harm. But I guess it is enough PJ's for one post!
Later Days...


Arti Honrao said...

One more added to the favorite list of the confessions of the dangerous mind!
There are two things I liked in this post
1. The friendship you have described in first part
2. The playing role part ...

Am smiling

Erosimian said...

when did this happen?


another illusion said...

i loved the script! it was hilarious!!

naveen said...

just the way it has happened!!!nice gng rock!!!!Although i feel tht u might have missed some part!!the chori was 4 around 2 hrs.!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

@Arti: Thanx. Roleplay was really fun!
(as long as I am the dad)

@Duttan: Yup! Saturday! Sunday also had some cool stuff happening. but i wasnt there :-(

@illusion: That script is just a transcript!

@naveen: ya da. I was sleepy by then and it was getting very long...

Anonymous said...

u summed it up to the point good work !!! and as u mentioned in the first part me too missed organising this time around but it is as they say " all good things come to an end " (*sniff*)

Neetika said...

I wish i could be a part of this play...
i have done many plays but not kind of this...
I hope you enjoyed it....
Keep smiling:)))

danya said...

ya me too the first time missing an organising...missed the free food...anyway nice post naru...

Anonymous said...

colloquium wasnt all tat poorly organised.....but some attitude some ur juni's had!!hmpf!!!
anyways me's not commenting but i do check out this space regularly.... :-)
TC n enjoy,
PS: tat college must be sooo tough to be in.....i mean u cant cut n go hang out anywhere,can u??!!:-s

Unknown said...

@divakar: *sigh*

@danya: ;-)

@divs: Junis are aholes of the highest order. Atleast many of them are! expect a post on it...
Yup! we can't cut! But who wants to cut in that place...The best place we can go is Ponmudi or Waterfalls near by...So we are happy in a sad way

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