"Buckle" Up!

This incident is from a few days back...When things were still good...When I had my hair... :(

Mother: Cut your hair! You ^#&^*@#&@*
Me: No way!
Mother: You look like a person who has bad habits.
Me: (:-P) Let people think whatever they want. I give a hoot.
Mother: Please cut your hair darling...you will look really good. (Her tone changes to very sweet and loving)
Me: Oho. So I look bad now?
Mother: To be frank...YES!
Me: Let it be. I am not going to look smart to impress anybody.
Mother: Oh comeon now!
I take a magazine (a devotional one).
Me: Look at this! Sreeram, maryada purushotham, the perfect man. Look at his HAIR, long! Look at Krishna, again LONG hair.
Me: I just have very little hair when compared to them.
Mother: Look at this! Ganapathy! You are taking inspiration to grow your pauch as well? Very good.
Me: *nothing to say and looks at my tummy*

Later...Got a haircut after two days. On the eve of lab exams.

I wanted to cut my hair long back. It was the rebellish streak in me that made me not do that. Bad Bad Naru!
Now that I look handsome (again!) :-P,
I checked my tummy.
It stuck out like a dummy.
May be on it I could play rummy.
She was true, my mommy!
Now that was a good poem. Just made that up!

I prided at being fat and fit. But no more! I am not fit at all and I have decided not to play in the cricket team this year. This is just an excuse with a little merit. But reasons will be given, later.
I need to check into an exercise schedule. But trouble is waking up! I need to wake up atleast 5:30 to do the execise but impossible given the time I sleep these days.
I need to buckle up and get a couple of notches in my "Buckle"up!
Has to do some posts I wanted to and I sense a tag in the air!

Music recommendation: This time its a song and not an album as I usually do. "Every Rose has it's thorn" by Poison (Not our Poison! :-P )A fabulous Love song...)


twip said...

Jus came across you blog......I think your post is so freakin funny!
Cheers and keep up the great work...and feel free to come by my blog too!

Erosimian said...

what i did to slim up.

1) Have a glass of milk + 1 banana for dinner. nothing else. Its easy to forget hunger when u r fragging away or listening to music.

2) no visits to bakeries / junk food.

Guess this is enough.

Arti Honrao said...

First Nidhi n now U hv decided to make me feel conscious about me being overweight :-s
Getting up early in the morning is my problem too... if I sleep at 4 - 4:30 how can I get up early :-?


-Poison- said...

dude..thats one great song! it inspired me into choosing the name 'poison' among other reasons!
hey man, dont be upset at getting huge ;) maybe we can go to sumo wrestlin one day ;;)

GingerTea said...

lollll ... nice poem :D

danya said...

naru...ve to avoid B & B...I guess u got me..anyway it was a nice decision to cut ur hair...u luk smarter and younger...and abt ur exercise...no comments...im tired of telling u abt tht...

Unknown said...

@megha: Thanx! I liked ur new post very much...

@arti: get fit and then get "fit"!
wrong message to a girl! Sorry!

@Poison: Fatty pushing and pulling?
I'd like WWE better!

@Meenu: Thanx!

Unknown said...

@Duttan: I dont usually have dinner...I eat very little (really!)...Junk food. Will avoid. :-)

@Danya: B & B = beef and beer!
Dear danya
I dont drink beer much. Have drank it some 3-4 times. Never liked it. I feel too full after that.
About beef, i did have some during collouium. Apart from that I have'nt had any for some time. I prefer chicken or mutton...But have'nt had them for a while...errr, three days!

twip said...

I posted on something which was bothering me for a while now........thanks again for the gr8 words!

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