Life is a rollercoaster...

No, I am not going to say about the song by Ronan Keating. (Though, it is good!) It's about the real life. Real life gives us the ups and downs to elate and relate. My life too has seen many downs and a few ups. I shoud be happy for what I have and should be sad for being an underachiever (Its never too late, though) Not egotism. Just the plain truth ringing in my head. May be I am a moron or a stupid of the highest order who thinks what he believes is right. (I am a cupid of the highest order though! Just needs a pair of wings!) But hey, I used to be a loser (still one?) once and now I think I am a wise man. Learning from own mistakes (except when it comes to studies:-P) and more importantly others mistakes.
The last year of my life was one in which I learned a lot. Explored into an uncharted territory inside my mind (and others) and became a sort of mind reader, albeit just an apprentice devil at that!
People fascinate me by the way they emote in situations. Quite a few people surprised me with their naiveness, cunning, jealousy, fear, love and what not. Became a silent spectator to a lot of events and vocal in many others. Made quite a few new acquaintances both seen and unseen. Related with them. Disagreed with them. Detached myself with them. Gained experiences for a lifetime. Helping me to venture further in life.
What did I learn?
1. People are basically good. But basically bad too.
2. No man is an island.
3. Islands are not human
4. Sting in one's heart is very difficult to heal other than the natural healing by time.
5. Friendships are worth a damn only if you have hooked up the right person.
6. Woman are not stupid.
7. They are plain saccharine.
8. Mistakes are made by everyone.
9. Empathy is the greatest thing to have if you want a good interpersnal relationship.
10. Family is the most important thing in life. Not just your Mommy, Daddy, siblings etc. But your whole family.
11. There are only a very few people who really care about me.

Call it 11 Gems of Rockus or 11 Hemp of a Demented or 11 stupidities of an eccentric.
I don't care. Until I realise its truth or falsehood.
A couple of days back me and Dhanya were talking about IRMA etc. Thoughts went into my clearing all papers. I started using both hands and feet to count and she snapped. Uttered the words, "You know what? You take everything as easy and lightly. Just listen to songs, rant, party and have a gala time." Then nothing. May be even my closest of friends are afraid of telling the truth until pushed to limit. I am and easygoing person. May be its too easy for me. Nitin said the same thing a couple of years back and I changed myself for the worst. But he caught the change and told me to revert (I don't think he realised this) I did. It is life as usual for me since then.
Shakespeare (Shekharspear in Rajappish!) said, "All the world is a stage and we are players in it." So what am I in the play? A Joker? A Jackass? A Jack of all trades?
May be I have played them all...And waiting for my new roles...

(too many brackets? :-P)


Neetika said...

Its sounding that u have really seen life to its very best and worse too.....
U have experienced life in different manner....
Nicely wrote down every point....

ada said...

you're sharp andanalytical

I just submitted that shakespeare's poem for my literature class last week, guess i have to generate a critical appreciation soon and im also wondering which role or at which stage im in right now... =P

Arti Honrao said...

"Woman are not stupid."
I love it!!

"They are plain saccharine."

Nice post, kamsekam kuch to palle pada :P


Unknown said...

@Neetika: Seen it from all perspectives.

@Ada:Thanx a lot. You just look at you from the eyes of others to realise at which stage you are in apart from your own eyes.

@Arti: You not first this time! :-P
My sayings are open to interpretations. May be people will make up more than what I intended to write. =))

another illusion said...

well written and introspective.
and really is a rollercoaster...we all learn it sooner or later.

Arti Honrao said...

Yeah me not first [this time]
I was tired of being first :P
Jaise lata mangeshkar gave up taking awards so that newcomers get a chance so did I give up being first to post :P:P

Howz that ;)



nice blog n ya u r a lot lik me.. am nt a superachiever(nt under either) bt then it's neva too late to get on da rite track..

Unknown said...

@Arti: :-P *Rockus bows*

@G,I: Nice to people like me!

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