Return of the......

Yeah baby! Me back again! After a gruelling journey and the first ever interview in my life and may be the first ever serious GD.
The trip towards there was not very good. A family with a 6 month old baby, two smokers who alternatively smoke and a controlling dad. Enough to drive me crazy. Kid is fine, Dad is fine but smokers...not fine. Especially since I was trying to quit and there was no way I could have one with Dad around. A test of patience really. On top of it in Goa, a guy enters selling whisky and brandy for throwaway prices. I could just look on and sigh. *sigh*
Anand was good and IRMA was excelent. About Anand. The place is a large town, but few shops when compared to our towns. May be smaller than Allapuzha or Kollam.
The trademarks: Cows! and Dogs!

The Cows (yeah the capital C) are scary. With big horns. Too many dogs here. But they are very peaceful and playful.
The tea is very milky. Food is cheap but non veg is scarce. 95% Gujjus are veggies.
Cigarette is expensive. Wills cost 50p more.
Gujarat State buses suck man. Our KSRTC look like Bentley in comparison.
The girls are beautiful, amicable and has a good taste(?). A couple of them asked me out to a movie. ;-) I did'nt go. That movie sucked :-P (Mere Jeevan Sathi!)
IRMA campus is so beautiful.Very green. The temperature is always 2 degrees less than outside. So many birds of many varieties. Many squirrels. (I love squirrels!). And so many Monkeys! Very peaceful variety.

We stayed outside at a hotel. A pretty rundown one. Bad bathroom. I could adjust but poor Father, he suffered. On the day before selection I prepared by reading two novels: Fivepoint someone and One night@ call center by Chetan Bhagat. Loved both. Especially Fivepoint someone. Seems like there are more people like me who got screwed up by not thinking straight.

IRMA selection had two processes. Group Activity and a Personal Interview.
I acquainted with 4 malayalees. And one of them is my collegemate's brother in law. We had a presentaion about IRMA first. Cleared a lot of my doubts.
4 of us Mallus were in the same batch for GD. So it was very soothing to enter the room. First was a regular GD: The topic being "Credit cards bring more trouble and use"
Really calm GD inspite of the topic. All of us got opportunity to talk and it was lively discussion. Only two guys were sitting mum.
Then we had a group task. 9 steps to eradicate illiteracy in India were given and we had to prioritise them, first in our personal opinion and then in the group consensus. A good discusiion again.
After it was over met up with a girl from the other batch. She told there GDs were total chaos and fishmarket.

After an hour I had my PI. A lady and two gentlemen were there in the panel. Went quite well till the last question about cooperative IT movement in Kerala. I said I had no idea and to my horror the inaugration of the same was held yesterday! Well I always live on hope :-)
I skipped the screening of the movie Barefoot Manager and decided to roam the markets instead. Bought some stuff for home and was hit on by two teen girls who asked me out to a movie. They probably thought I was some rich guy who would spent on them! I declined the offer and said I had an interview to attend. The birds flew away. :-(

The return journey was also not too good. I was feeling totaly stuffy and bored. Spent my time muching on food and finished a Polo in 30 minutes. May be I am a chain poloist. Well that settles the tooth pain reason now!
There was a Sindhi engineer with us. Spent time chatting with him (rather he chatting with me!) Also an elderly Malayalee man and his wife. To say the least I was bored to death.

Came home at early morning and I found my room totally changed! My cousin had come to stay there to give mother company and he cleaned up the room totally! It was being in an alien land for me albiet a neat one!
Got my exams running now. Feeling totally drained and sick. Has to leave for Ahmedabad again this 4th for MICA. Now I am giving a serious thought not to go. Will miss Sports Day and College Day. More importantly I am not feeling well at all.
I really hope I do get through in IRMA and pray that I do qualify if I get selected! :-)
I have not forgotten the story. It will come and another post before that I am now cooking up.


Praveen said...

hi rokcus...nice post yaar...
a gud travalogue...and cud u tell me the place whr those teens asked u out 4 a movie...
hope u'll get throught o IRMA...Best of luck

Erosimian said...

just a little more hanging on da. watch ur health. try to find an escape route from the smoking / booze urges.

fragging is a good option. :->

Good luck for MICA, if u going...

naveen said...

Hey man!! nice 2 hear tht u didnt smoke! May u b lik tht always!! Will pray 4 tht and also...4 IRMA!! V r pretty confident tht u will make it through!! Especially since u had dhanya's file with u!! It has got 100% succes rate...remember!! All the best and keep rocking!!

Ashwin Raju said...

I aint gonna try your advice dude... Anyway all the best for everything.. And go get those gals..

Arti Honrao said...

Welcome back :)


Unknown said...

@Praveen: Hi! It was a ladys fancy store. Me was searching for some gift for mother...and beware sometimes urban legends can come true! (Viagra rape squad etc :P)

@Duttan: Thanx for ur concern man. Fragging seems good! but cannot frag gods like you :-(

@Naveen: errr...not quite dude! No smoking in train :-P

@bleak: DOn't try it! I dont want anyone else to suffer :-D

@Arti: *rockus accepts the bouquet and gives a 24 carat smile :-D*

kickassso said...

man, me back from IIT B // the place blows big timel-) hope IRMA is better .. and the ladies there;)

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