Look who's rockin' !

Bryan Adams coming to India! For the third time! The concert is on Feb 4 and 5.
Here is how the ad goes...
First time he came...You had girlfriend but no money (I had no money and no girlfriend)
Second time he came...You had money but no girlfriend (Same as before...)
and Now...You *to be filled* (why do I bother?)
India sure is a hot destination for concerts nowadays. But the trouble is its too damn expensive! The couple of junys from our college had attended the last concert and they are loaded with cash.
One day I would like to listen to his concert with my beloved (Come on dear! Bryan Adams is no hard rock he is very soft!) Hmmm, may be Coldplay as well.
I want to go by myself to a Metallica concert or an Iron Maiden one! (No baby! Its too metal and women get abused in heavy metal concerts!)
May be I should stop...

Others who had visited India recently are Roger Waters, Dave Gilmour( Pink Floyd), Scorpions, The Rasmus etc.

The place I want to be this February 4 th? In IIM Bangalore. Not for enrolling there! (Though it would be nice!) The Jethro Tull concert for their annual festival.
Jethro Tull is a brilliant progressive rock group with an unique sound like none other. The band contains a hauntingly beautiful lead flute (Yes! Flute) and an acoustic guitar by the vocalist Ian Anderson along with usual stuff (Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, keyboard, bass guitar etc) .
The vocals are really great as well.
I have seen a couple of their live shows on TV and it was great.
By the way the band has been around for the last 40 years! If you have'nt listened to them please do. A fine starting point would be "Waking Edge" from their Grammy winning album "Crest of a Knave" in 1987. The song is not too highly rated, but I love it as it haunts me. Recommended albums are Aqualung, Minstrel in the Gallery and the Christmas Album (the latest). I have listened to these three only and In the process of downloading two more.

I know that I have been writing too much about music lately. But would you guys prefer me ranting ? I will be ranting soon I guess as regular classes for the last semester :-( has started and our new teacher (the lady) is totally ##^^@&@!

Later Days...


Arti Honrao said...

Me Furrst again :D
N I hv seen that add too :)

N I was going to comment that u hv been talking abt music for some time now, but at the end of the post I saw that u mentioned it urself...


Arti Honrao said...

I meant ad ... not add :blush:


naveen said...

Brian Adams is my favourate 222222222... May ur dream come true!!!!But i prefer listening 2 his songs in PC....watching his concerts is not my type of having fun.

Unknown said...

@arti: Yup u r always first! :-D

@naveen: COncerts are a whole lot diff experience!

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