Tour Report IX(Prelude to the decimation)

Now it was time to raise the ‘spirits’. Unfortunately the booze shops were closed that day. A cycle rickshaw guy promised us to get to a ‘single window’ shop to buy the stuff. So Rajguru and Hogan went with him.
Now Garfield was out walking with Samson and Neo. He bought a packet of More cigarette which he was eyeing for a while. The cigarette was long and brown in color. Suddenly someone wanted to try a puff and four cigarettes were lighted. Someone left after a single puff saying he wanted only one puff. Garfield was stranded with two cigarettes, one in each hand. The people on the street were eyeing him with disgust.
They walked along and found Mr. Perfect, Ilayaraja and Daddy cool on the opposite side. Garfield waved at Mr. Perfect and handed him the extra fag. They were now smoking and arguing with a hawker about the price regarding a short.
Neo suddenly wanted to drink some Cappuccino coffee when he heard about it from Perfect. Garfield and Neo went to the Nescafe shop and bought a Moccacino and Cappuccino respectively.
“Uggh! This is disgusting”, said Neo. Garfield took it from him and tasted it. “It’s good if not a bit strong”, Kattabuji had come he took the coffee and finished it off. “Idiot Neo! It’s really good!”
They headed back to the hotel room. The Aabhaas Kendra had started functioning. There was a cloud of smoke from the inside. As the smoke cleared there were 4 bottles of Bacardi Breezer, one 8 PM and a Bacardi white rum and couple of bottles of breezer was over.
Now the ‘spirits’ started to descent…”Rrrrrrgg!” the calling bell screeched. Odie opened the door and shut it at the same instant and screamed, “Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!”
Gentlemanyan went outside to speak with them. Garfield, Kattabuji and Rastriyakaran burst into the toilet and burst back to get their glasses. The teachers were literally crying with the smoke effect and really wanted to go back to their rooms. The dust had settled then and KB wanted to go to the Bathroom. They drank for their college and it was decided that the guys with jobs would sponsor the booze for the trip and that it would be taken in Delhi as taxes are higher in Himachal. Protest followed bit settlement was made.
Now followed a one wild night!


jackie said...

The next wild night(manali) u will never forget ,naru (and prabodh too). expecting a ful description of tht .

naveen said...

Eda...jackie...nee blogil varun alle???? A wild nite indeed aalavaladi

Unknown said...

Jackie mariyadakku blog chaitho...Ilengil s8 opening 'grand' aakkum...

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