Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against my parents. I love them more than anything in this world and the reciprocal is more than that. These are just my take on the views of most parents and sometimes I think my parents share the same due to the intense pressure from their peers.
10. Thou shall study your lessons daily and go to the best tuition centre in the town.
9. Thou shall listen to melodious Mallu and Hindi music. Your taste may go up to the extent of listening to pop songs like that of Westlife, BSB etc and like the songs liked by your peers. Hardrock and Metal are strict no-nos.
8. Thou shall see good mallu movies and hindi movies. Only the hyped up english movies shall be seen.
7. Sports and games are essential only in theory. Thou shall take part in it at your free time and your vacation.
6. Reading is a good habit. Only if you score a lot of marks in your studies and you have set aside some time for reading. Thou shall read only goody goody books or the hyped books in the media like Harry Potter.
5. Thou shall respect your teachers and follow every word they say and write notes and complete your assignments before everybody else.
4. Thou shall not swear and berate others. No drinking and smoking.
3. Thou shall follow your parents wishes and their fantasies.Thou shall study hard and score 90+ in Xth, 85+ in XIIth and 80+ for graduation.
2. Your aim should be to do well in entrance exams and get into Medical College or CET. Then the ultimate aim should be to get through your campus placements and secure a job. Write CAT as part of a fad.
1. Thou shall not fall in love. If you do make sure the girl is your caste, not poor etc. Marry a girl of the parents' choosing and have kids. Then the raise the kids on the above principles.

Hmmm, I don't think many parents are this way. But a lot of them are and most of them adhere to lot of commandments here.

Now why I am not a goody two shoes...
10. Daily studies?! But I wish I had gone to the better tuition centres.
9. AC/DC, Sabbath, GNR, Motorrrhead!!! These make my day!
8. Movies. I like movies that I like. A lot of them are english and my parents see me watching the english movies and sitcoms. SO I am misunderstood.
7. I used to play cricket on every holiday from morning till dusk and even at night, cutting tuition classes and making silly excuses. Nowadays its the virtual sports that take up my time.
6. I read a lot and read lot more during examinations!
5. Respect teachers? I sorely lack that quality. I respect those who teach well. After coming to college it has to be Gopakumar Sir, Tarun Sir, Rajarajeshwari Maam, Muralidharan Sirs(both maths and mech), Anitha Maam (unusual combination of beauty and brain. Damn, was she sexy!), Lekshmi Maam (Advanced MP)...There may be names I am forgetting...
4. I swear all the time. When I am pissed off extremely I swear in english and most of the other time its the vernacular. Drinking and Smoking???!!! ;-D
3.Those percentages I have not seen since,hmmmm, 7th standard!
2. Well I totally disagree with that and the educational system sucks!
1. I can't say much about that. I just hope the lady is good.

So after a quick analysis I score about 1/10. Am Surely going to hell!


Erosimian said...


great post.

10)If you can say that reading PC hardware revies = study, then I am a scholar. :-D
9) Disturbed, Rammsterin, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and lots lots more. My parents never scolded me for listening to Progressive rock. I listen to songs with extreme swearing at full volume. Not a problem here.
8) Movies... I HATE MALLU/HINDI movies, especially those made for family watching. I like the masala songs though. I like War movies, anything with a gun/sword in it would do. Also classics like the Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Ben Hur are superb. I sometimes feel sorry for all the losers who go and see Mallu movies and enjoy mallu music alone and never gives english|german|french music/movies a try.
7)I also used to play cricket from morning till evening during holidays and after coming back from school on weekdays. But now, I am a Cyber Athlete. :-)
6) Reading -- well. reviews and articles on PC hardware. I read other books when there is no electricity(!) and also in the back bench in class. :-) PS: I love Harry Potter.
5) I respect teachers who can teach and also understand their students. Rare Species, especially in engineering colleges, where fresh B.Tech graduates who dont get IT jobs join their own college as guest lecturers. I refer to this phenomenon as campus placement.
4) Swearing.... don't do it much. Only when playing CS... heh heh
3) and 2) I've had 81 in 10th. It was a big disappointment for my parents. I had to join a CBSE school instead of a "higher class" ISC school. But now, I am happy that I did CBSE..... I got 84.6% in 12th. I was happy about it. I didn't get through IIT Main exam. That was a disappointment to parents, but they were proud when I got 349 (three hundred forty nine) rank for Kerala Entrance. And now, in engg.. I have a above average 75.6 % aggregate.... Parents dont pressure me into studies. I just do it on my own.
1) I believe that.... "Desire is the cause of Misery"

Erosimian said...

I guess I revealed too much. damn. :-|

Must get these outbursts under control. ;-)

I would like to say more abt #8 --- Most mallu movies nowadays are pure slapstick. That's the reason for the hatred. Also, mallu songs never struck a chord in my heart. The best mallu movie(s) according to me are the CBI series.

naveen said...

Wow naru,finally,a classic blog!!! well,if u ask me,hers mine 10 commandments:-

10).u know better!! studying lessions daily means i wld b in IIT or some hell,not in mcet. not at all sorry 4 tht
9).Hooray!! iscored. i love music. no probs. if it is mallu or hindi or english. only cannot understand tamil and hard rock. AR and sonu r my favourates.
8).last mallu movie is,i think meesamadhavan. hindi,rising. as dutt said,films now lack tht class tht used 2 be once!! english,yeah i luv it.war movies r my favourates!!
7).sports,especially cricket.Oh!!! i luv it very much. v even played police and kallan and 70's during 12th leave.
6).raeding??hmmm...i read little,compaired 2 u!! luvs sidney and now,dan brown!! freddik's Devil's Alternative is 1 of my fav. books!! and i hate Harry Poter.Dunno y...
5).Yeah rit!! as u said,i luv those who has ability 2 teach. our staff r here as they didnt get any other job. frm ur list i'll add jisha mam...thts all i guess!!!!
4). scored again!!! no fufu and gugu lik u guys!!
3).Not in my wildest dreams!!!c'mmon guys,marks r not imp. u know it best!!
2).Again,MCET is better thn CET!!! CAT?? No Comments!!!
1).No Comments!!!DEFINITLY No comments!!!!!!!

scored 2/10...i guess. so,where 2 guys, hell, i guess..And,with u guys with me(i'm sure tht u r all with me!!),v can turn any hell 2 heaven and most imp. any heaven 2 HELL!!! byeee

kickassso said...

dude this is too good! start a tag:)

danya said...

wht to say abt me .....
10->study my lessons daily???used to do tht in the fifth std...

9->wht to say luckily or not i do hear mallu and hindi songs mostly and just some eng songs which naru introduced to me lik follow me,titanic etc...

8->my god!!!depends on the mood of my parents...

7->sports and games chalega bhai...and usually i used to play batminton with my dad and brother and now nothng and the sports for the whole year is just for 2 days... the sports days of our college

6->reading...mmmm...the lacking quality i ve in me...do read harry potter and som other books (again introduced by naru)..and then newspaper thts all...and parents i hope they wont oppose provided i do well in the xams

5->noooooo...i do respect teachers who are indeed TEACHERS and not just who come to show they are superiority...hey naru u missed our dear old neeta kuruvila dear....how can v forget her???

4->not applicable..i do agree with narus parents..

3->i somhow managed to get thru these cut offs but tis time its gng to be tough......

2->nothng lik tht...infact the whole option abt my career is left for me...and they indeed told me try anthr option if not engg far before the entrance...so thts k

1->thts the BIG qn in frnt me now a days...i ll give u the answer aft som 4 years...my parents are strong supporters of arranged marriages and the rest is left with GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

naveen said...

Edi kalli,u have written 10). wrongly...nee onnum padikkarilla alle????paaaaaavam!!!! and no. 5)???nee teachers parayunnathellam ezhutarille??? kallam parayalle kalli!!!!!

Unknown said...

I did our dear Neetha (awwww) and Gisha Miss. One thing to make clear: I had no real pressure from my parents. In fact my dad was suggesting to take up law seeing my argumentative nature and my mom she only wanted me to do what I wanted. Really good parents for an @$$hol like me!
And thanx for your prompt comments all of u and see the tag!
@duttan-> nice of you to strip! ( i mean revealing everything about ur life!)
@kickasso-> i've tagged ya!
@naveen-> we need to take it to our blog.
@danya-> Gochu Kalli!

Unknown said...

There are some things I forgot to add while writing the article. Too lazy to edit it.

optional commandment: Thou shall wear short hair and shave daily (only for dudes!).
my take: I really, really want to have short hair. I am not only because out of my defiance to derogatory comments that my dad made on my hair. he even said he will comb it for me! That was the last straw. Shave? hmmm lazy really and what for when u are just sitting at home.

1: Well about kids. If genetic amplification is true, (Kids are wilier than their parents) I would have a reaallly hard time and I dread about their capabilities!!!

Erosimian said...

I will have to think many times before putting it in my blog. Lots of people who shouldn't know all this read it. So it would be a compromise of security.

Sorry da. I will put it after seeing my blogpatrol reports and verifying some IP addresses. >:-)

Unknown said...

Its ok. Security is paramount in this paranoid world!

aravind said...

man you score atleast in one point.

I dont for any :D

kiran said...

10. till 10th std atleat i studied weekily. then after dat i never attended a tution class. i really hate it!!!!

9. for this i can score a point.. i really cannot withstand hard rock!! neither will my neighbors!!

8.i love 2 watch hindi, english ,mallu and tamil films..but my parents want me to watch only typical classic mallu films.

7.i used to play cricket all the tims frm my high school class and for dat i suffered a lot frm my parents and even one time a day before my sslc exams my father threw my books out of the house, since i slept earlier after playing badminton!

6. i like to read tintin and astreix & obleix..

5. even though i myself am a teacher i dont like sirs( exceptions r gopu and ray sir of poly, who taught me C).but i like to love teachers and submit their assignments before anyone can!!( neetha suan kuruvilla, rajalekshmy, anitha, gisha..list goes on )

4.my parents belive me or so i belives( even one day they got one fufu frm my pocket)..

3 mission accomplished 4 1st two..but mission impossible ..and aborted 4 the next!

2.i too agree with narus parents.. coz our system demands it and getting a job as fast as possible is so important!

1. i dont think dat i will marry a girl of same caste..( susan..hmmmm)

so my score will be 3/10. 1 point 4 songs. 1 point 4 job and 0.5 for teachers, 0.5 for accomplishing mission 10th and 12th!!

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