Eddie Guerrero - 9/10/67 to 13/11/2005 Viva la Raza!

I am huge WWE fan and I am can say that without any shame. Though I am not able to follow the programme on TV, I track it through the Internet. I hadn't checked on the fan site rajah.com for 3 days. I was shell shocked when I visited the page. It said Eddie Guerrero was dead. He was 38. One of the best in both wrestling capacity and entertainment factor. One of the few guys that made me laugh out loud with his antics. I am too numb to say more. my condolenses goes out to his wife and two young daughters.
Eddie you were the man...Viva La Raza


naveen said...

Wht in the world!!!!!!!!!!! Eddie is dead?????? He was a cool 1 with some nice tricks up his sleeve!!!!!!!!!

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