Change you can believe in!

There will be blood folks! I am taking this blog to the next level by writing more and changing the setup a little more. For that I am taking a look at what is to be added and what not. The current shoutbox became a little too spammy. So here is the new shout gadget from Google along with Friend Connect. Join the network using your Google account. I guess everyone should have one as its sort of like passport now! You can also comment anonymously if you want to troll and make my life miserable! Yeah, I can be a masochist at times! Thoughts behind this change? I had a brainwave that I need to write more! Now that I have Internet at home (although the system is down with a viral infection!) and lot of experiences worth writing, it will be criminal not to. So here you go, this will be change you can believe in!


Praveen said...

then..y wait..
let the blood flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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