Purple Haze

The nicest guy in this world, Pappu, was gracious enough to bless us fellow roomies with a visit. He just came from a sabbatical in North India and looked visibly tired. Should eat your vegetables man! You look pale! I don't know how you are going to manage without us in Canada. We, especially me, would be glad to take care of you. After all you are our Pappu. No, you going to Canada doesn't make a change. Eventhough I have abused (in a strictly non-sexual way!) you, it was all out of my love (again, strictly stoic!) for you man. You rock!

Arrival of Pappu heralded a new dawn of 'spirits' in us. We kept on racking our brains for a place perfect for Pappu and in the end had to stick with our old and faithful place.

Purple haze all around us...

The next day Garfield wakes up. Pulls the blanket over his head with the little paws to keep the noon sun out of his eyes. He hears Neo talking. "Who the fuck poured water from the stairs at night? When I shouted. He just ran away. I was a little drunk, but I suspect it was not just water!"

Garfield comes downstairs and categorically denies the charges, "Dude. I was knocked out after I threw up. The cleaning part sapped everything away from me!" Neo looks suspiciously at Garfield.

JC comes downstairs and announces, "When I woke up this morning, I was not wearing my Lungi.

Bengal boy in traditional lungiThis is a Lungi.
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"Thats nothing new!", Hogan says dismissively.

"No man. Its not like that. My pants are safely hung next to my lungi. So I was wearing nothing when I came to sleep.", said JC sheepishly.

Hogan is visibly grossed by the thought that he just spent a night in the same bed with a stark naked guy.

Suddenly the previous night's jigsaw pieced itself together.

The boys come home totally inebriated. JC throws up in the porch. Neo cleans up. JC and Garfield go out. They roam the roads hailing insults at the drivers. They sit on the divider and talk. Then they stands on the divider and shout some more. Neo out of his good will and a lower level of spirit comes to fetch the two brats. Garfield tries to rip off Neo's lungi and run utterly failing in the attempt. Finally they get home.

Garfield plays Maiden at the highest volume. Neo turns it down making the kitty mad. Kitty jumps and runs to cough up some furballs. Kitty down. Neo and Pappu spend their time talking. JC gets up. Goes up. Removes his pants. Admires himself in the mirror. Suddenly hears the call of nature. He is dreaming that he is on top of a hill. Walks to find a conceited spot to pee. Lets himself go. He hears the growl of a wild animal. JC is scared. He runs and crawls into his tent. Only to wake up in the morning in a temperate room in Bangalore stark naked and wondering what happened.

Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?

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Praveen said...

hhahaha..tht was nice, the way u fitted the jigsaw perfectly..

purple haze..awesome!

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Unknown said...

@praveen: Thanks! :)

@poison: I dont think this unfamiliar to you! ;-)

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