I brought my PC from home last month and have been having a good time finally hearing some good music on my speakers. I run Ubuntu with no Windows installed. At the behest of my roomies and the greed to play games I finally installed Windows and things went crazy. Virus attack within hours forced me to do a reinstall! Cannot access Ubuntu since XP insists on overwriting the MBR. Tried all alternate methods. Finally had to download the Ubuntu CD. Now going to try my luck with it! Prayers people! Prayers! Thats what I want!

P.S: Check out new gadgets. Though it takes some time to load, it won't affect the load time of the main posts. There is a gadget from iLike where you can listen to snippets of the Top 10 songs I have been hearing this week in Last.fm. Another feature is you can add your own songs to the gadget if you log in to the blog using Google FriendConnect. An incentive for signing up! The other gadget is from Blip.fm, in which you can listened to the last 5 songs I blipped. So enjoy these while I prepare some hard hitting posts and a story for Valentines Day!

Update: Ubuntu is back. Windows is buried! Too tired to fix that. Me happily listening to Led Zep and going to sleep.

P.P.S: I forgot to mention that we started jogging. Gotta get up early!