Pic Tag

Quizzes are done. So its time for a tag. Saw this tag floating around a few places like Praveen's blog. Thought I will do it. So here it is!

How to and what to :

1. You are given a set of questions.
2. Google the image which best suits the answer and post a picture from first page of image search with minimal explanation.
3. After you finish tag 6 other blogger friends and let them know.

Lets go!

1.Your age on your next birthday

This is one very, VERY weird picture to say the least!

Pic courtesy: Duke University

2. A place you’d like to travel to

A small cottage in a forest. A cartoon like forest where nothing can go wrong. Internet is a must. Lots of food. Lots and lots of books. Some nice talking animals to keep me company.

3. Your Favorite place

Trivandrum. Home is where the heart is. This ofcourse is the Kowdiar Palace, which I have rented out to the King! :-P

4. Your favorite food/drink

Caption says it all!

HPMC Apple Juice that you get in bus stands and railway stations.

5. Your favorite pet

6. Your favorite color combination

Green and black. Rare. Just go to a jungle in the late evening. The image here is of an Aurora. I hope to see one before I kick the bucket.

7. Your favorite piece of clothing

Oh! Were you referring to a piece of cloth I wear? Then here you go!

Totally love with these ever since I moved Bangalore. Detergent saver! Water saver! My life saver! Hallowed be thy name!
8. Your all time favorite song

Cream- Sunshine of your love. Slightly a cut above all my other favourites since it means a lot to me.

9. Your favorite TV show

10. Full name of your significant other

I am Hobbes. I am always Hobbes.

11. The town in which you live

12. Your screen name/nickname

Yeah. I am the ring master!

13. Your first job

Tina is a Technical Writer in this one and Dilbert is the asshole engineer. Its more or less like this in the daily life of a Technical Writer! :-)

14. Your Dream Job

More of creation and fiction :)

15: Bad Habit you have

16. Your worst fear

Being utterly alone...
17. The one thing you would like to do before you die

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

A sizeable land holding in a rural area in Kerala preferably near a river and towards the forest.

19.Your favourite credo in life.

"Everything happens for a reason..." In the pic its written in Latin. Yeah, I know classical Latin. Learnt it alongside Russian ballet.

Go on. Take the tag. I dare ya!


Praveen said...

a very different take at the tag...with some really crazy answers..I wonder 'what lies beneath' those:P

vimmuuu said...

2. Now, thats some fantasy !

3. Rented to the king? Do they still exist ???

7. LOL @ the detergent saver !

19. Very true.

Nicely done tag. Next time when I think of tagging someone, you are going to be in the hit list!

Adorable Pancreas said...

There. Done!

Unknown said...

@praveen: Evil lies buried under these sands! :P
@vimmuuu: Sure boss! Thanks!
@AP: Read. Thanks! :)

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