Joggers Park

Okay! As I had PPSed in the last post, we have started jogging! 'We' means me and three other roomies. Another is being a bourgeois and mocking us. Man, see you after we develop 6 packs out of the one big sack! Cry your hear out then! We started on a Sunday morning. 7:30. Late? Not by the standards of folkses who wakes up at 11 on a Sunday! Moreover, I felt an urgent need to educate my friend regarding the nature of a typical Indian and intolerance that exists among our people the night before that. After my rhetoric was over it was nearly 3.

Anywho, we started towards the park. Walking. Some nasty dogs around our place. Didn't want to disturb their romantic antics. More on the dogs later. When we reached the park we found some construction going on there. Bad omen? We jogged towards another park. Pretty girl alert. We stopped. Panting like dogs. Not good. Started jogging away as fast as possible.

"How many rounds are we going to run?", asked JC. "Me thinking 10 rounds!", said Neo. (Long time readers would be familiar. Unfortunately for him, we are roomies now!) My hear sunk hearing that. I have been giving some really unwanted advice to everybody regarding exercise. The scientific methodology to be followed, details of the exercises done by the early man, the importance of sex in exercise to name a few. My facade was in danger of being obliterated.  My.. "We will see how much we can do", Niks remarked saving my ass. Love you man! I promise that you will get wings and a couple of gorgeous virgins in your afterlife!

We proceeded. Our eyes got hooked. Many gorgeous girls running for their lives! Poor innocent sheeps. Running with no shepherds. Open to the atrocities of this cruel world. Being the good samaritans we are, we decided to adopt them. We took a vow. We would be the protectors. The invisible benefactors! Who apparently cannot run more than 2 rounds. By the time we panted our way through the garden, the girls had gone home and probably had a bath. There is always tomorrow to play shepherd.

The next day we slept through. Monday blues. The next day we went. One 'sheep' was apparently sheared, making us wonder other she would be sheared more! Anyway we became more resolved to be the invisible benefactors. The day after that, which we can call as today, we didn't go. Protest against the cruel world who doesn't deserve to bear our footprints or breathe the same air as we do. In simple terms: we were late and Neo had to leave for office early. Niks and JC had come home at 4 in the morning. They were as coherent as cuckoo with cold. Since I have a natural scare for marked 'sheeps', naturally I could not go alone. There is always tomorrow to play shepherd if there are other shepherds!


Praveen said...

this looks similar to my gym story..the latest adventure of which is scheduled to start morrow...and end morrow itself;)

Unknown said...

@praveen: we are very dedicated and good boys who always does what they set out to! :P

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