A few quiz men! (also for women! :P)

No WUI. This is something I promised myself. Still quite myself. Promises are promises. So just a small quiz! Its been a while since I posted some of these anyway!

You Communicate Vividly

You love language and communicating. You are the first to try a new word or saying.
You are a persuasive communicator and know how to influence people. You are inspiring and even poetic.
You tend to use analogies, stories, and interesting phrases. You know how to evoke the right emotions.
While you love to talk, you are also a good listener. You like conversations... not monologues!

You Are Warm

You are as patient, as outgoing, and as nice as you can be.
You understand people well, and you mostly enjoy being around them.
You are a naturally warm person, but you do have times when you're feeling a bit distant.
But even when you're feeling distant, you try to be empathetic. You always go the extra mile.

Your Energy Level is High

You are a very enthusiastic, productive person. You have no trouble getting anything done.
Beyond having a lot of energy, it's likely that your energy level tends to be quite steady.
Unlike people with very high energy, you don't tend to be impulsive.
By keeping your energy in check, you are able to use it as productively as possible.

Oh my! The third unlike what I have been doing lately!


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