Excerpts from the night before lab exam...

Got myself a new look...
Looks are important especially since first impression is the best impression...
Has to impress the external examiner...Heard its a lady ;-)

Had a sumptuous dinner...
Chilly Chicken and Fried Rice...Yummy!
Chinese food for every mood!

Time 8:30 PM. Hasn't touched books or PC. Fired up PC. Glances at the game shortcuts. Admonishes self for thinking about gaming.
Fires up Turbo C++. Looks at the programs Hafeez sent.
Can't understand...Must use power...
Back to desktop and fires up QCD. Slow to load.Wondering if songs would drag.
Selects Korn (Album:Take a look in the mirror)...haven't heard for a long time. Liked their new song Twisted transistor. Not much of a fan of Nu Metal.

Song: Right Now
Back to TC.
Yup! Right now I am going to do a simulation of Penalty in Football.
Writes functions. Draws field. Draws goal post.

Song:Break some off
Yeah! Take a break from thinking...
Fire up Thunderbird...Check a sent mail to Riya. Makes a mental note to write a better letter when Net goes online.
Checks some older mails. Did I sent these?

Song:Counting on me

Song:Here it comes again
Daydreaming broken. Thought my mother called me. False alarm or is it her inner self thinking about her son?
Fires up TC again. Blank stares at the screen.
Drifts of to daydreams again (should be nightdreams while awake or even evening dreams!)

Song:Deep Inside
Shuts of TC. Thinking...Will do TC later. Will stay awake the entire night.

Song:Did my time

Song:Everything I've known
Starts writing this entry.

Song:Lets do this now
Almost done the post. Enforcing the new Rocking Quality Policy(TM)

Song: I'm done


Erosimian said...

Good luck man!

Hope u impress her enough to get "Output Verified"


Neetika said...

I hope you'll be succesful in impressing her...
All the best dude!!

Anonymous said...

U non-vega? Aaiyyo ...
I no like non-vega, me pure vega :D

Anyways, be careful not to "kill" her with ur looks, just see to it that the affect lasts till she signs the papers for you ;)

All d best.


Unknown said...

@Duttan: Got the longest ever verification on paper! 'Polygon drawn but floating point overlfow and program exits. The student says he got translation and scaling but cant verify. Though the code seems to be good..."
Scared!!! I think I'll pass. The Viva was good as usual.

@Neetika: Thanks I think your wishes worked!

@arti: Me non veg!!! Just an innocent young boy *Rockus stares wide eyed*

Arti Honrao said...

Oh! I never tasted a veg chicken ... mind treating me someday :P


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