Breaking the Law!

This is post is about my first serious brush with the authority (read Principal).
The time...the days of S3. When we had a real @$$hole of a sir, lets call him Devil. (Can swear since he is no longer my teacher!) The guy did not teach well at all (an understatement) and once he even sent Nibin out of the class for asking a doubt. Me and Hafeez were also sent out once, though for a legitimate reason (We didn't bring the notebook :-P ) and we ended up getting an angry reprimand from our then class advisor Rajarajeshwari Maam.

The fellows from other colleges would be laughing. Dudes, our college is one with difference. We cannot cut classes. Even if we do where will we go? To the rubber farms? Well, our condition is far far better than other new colleges (barring MBT).

Well, back to our story. With the anger burning inside our hearts, tormented by the devil, we were looking for revenge. And then the first ever ACES (Ass of Com Sci Eng Studs) came. We were bent on putting a good show better than the one EC put forward.

One day yours truly, Rajeev, Nitin etc came to the lab to do some work in Flash. Only one system was flash enabled and our Apprentice Devil was sitting there (decided to demote him...Him and DEVIL??? Devil would throw me out of hell!). I went and showed him our permission letter (that my friend is the ticket to success in MCET) and asked him for the system. He seemed distracted and relinquished the system.

We needed the admin account and to our relief found it was logged on. We logged in and found a Yahoo mail window open. Suddenly we our eyes stuck on the senders address on the mail that was open. V------! Seemed like a teacher of ours!
We left behind the morals and decided to delve deeper into the Appi Devil's personal life. The letter read (lemme search I think I still have it!.......Nope! I lost it :-( ) something like this.

Dear Appi

I was not angry at you........
I was upset at that time as I did not get into the rank list of....... ..................( i did not add the dots.......)
Sorry if I meant any bad to you...
blah blah......
blah blah.....
blah blah.....
You are like an younger brother to me.....

This was enough to whett our appetite. We were gleeful of his rejection and searched the inbox for any other eviction notices (from hearts :-P) finding none. We showed this to all the people around us and news spread like wildfire. I sent the mail to Sreenath and an EC guy. THe next day Sree took printout and gave it to Bonny as he would be absent that day.Bonny gave it to Hafeez and Haf brought it like a flag into the bus. News once again spread, this time substantiated with evidence. I was having a smug look and got an el33t hacker badge (talk about stupidity in not logging off and getting an el33t symbol!).
But this time the wild fire spread too far. Reports started coming in of teachers knowing about it and Kuriachan, the then System Admin ( an @$$hole) and Mr.James Bond Sreejith sir heading a secret enquiry.

One day the Peon came to our class. Principal called Bonny. It was Bond's class. Then some thirty minutes later it was me who was called upon. Smug look on Bond bastards face! I concluded I was screwed. I went into Princi's office (heartbeat rising...then and now!) Princi told me to come in. She was talking with Bonny about the debacle of our Vocabulary classes and I was relieved and feeling smug again. Finally recognition for the vocab master as Princi has called upon the the Master to discuss the debacle. (Bonny was a class cutter in the vocab class so he is clled for that)
I was preparing how to tackle various questions and prepared my suggestions on improving the vocab of students....blah blah...till the bombshell dropped!

"Did you hack and read a teacher's mail?"
Me: *wide eyed and life pushing on both ends to escape* "No, maam"
Princi: *ROARS* THEN?????
Princi: *DIshum Dishum Dishum* ( honestly I don't remember)
Princi: So who printed the letter? I know other
Me: Sreenath. (I knew from her face that she knew all of them involved)
Princi: Looks into her list (hidden from me) and nods. Tells peon to cal Sree.
I curse the moment I said his name under my breath.
Princi: *DIshum Dishum Dishum*
Sree: Maam?
Princi: Come in. Did you print the letter that blah blah?
Sree:Yes Maam
Princi: *ROARS* WHY???
Sree: *After a lot of dishums and bruisings.* I wanted to show it to my friend Hafeez and so I gave it to Bonny who is at the same stop.
Princi: Call Hafeez. (Tells the peon)
Haf comes in.
Princi: *ROARS*Blah blah blah!
Haf: *mumble mumbe mumble*
After many blahs (iam tired of writing blah blah!)
Princi: *to me* You have done a very bad thing. I am going to tell your father. He is the PTA President right? Tell him how his son behaves.
*to Haf and Bonny* You people are blah blah.
*to Sree* You are the most loathsome one. Printing and Publishing.
*to all* I'll suspend you from the college!

So me the writer, Sree the publisher, Bonny the distributer and Haf the retailer. What a chain!!!

Princi: *After a looong silence and many blah blahs* You have to apologise publicly.
I was appalled and braced myself for a public humiliation. Then it struck me she wouldn't dare. The teacher (lady one) would be horrified at something like that.

Me: I am ready maam.
Bonny: Yes maam.
Haf: Yes maam.
Sree: *After a lot of delibration and prodding from me* Yes maam (he was then a very nice boy, a goody two shoes to the hilt)
Princi calls the teacher.
Princi: They realise their mistake and is ready to apologise publicly. *Teacher panics!* But I've decided that they would apologise to you.
Us: *Sorry and many separate blahs*
Teacher: You don't realise what you did you cost a man his.......
Princi cut in between and asked us to take leave and write an apology letter and came

We came out and I prepared an eloquent apology letter. Smug me and others entered and gave it to Princi. She was bowled by the language and said to show exemplary behaviour from now on.
Princi: ANy more issues and you will be susoended
Me: I'll be good maam. (But i did have issues...big issues...but no suspension or memos ;-) )

Hurrah! No father calling or suspension or memo!!!

Aftermath: It should be noted that our Appi Devil went berserk after an issue (I tink this one) and he had a fight with Princi. He tore away our lab attendence sheets. He went away after destroying lot of property in his hostel room. The teacher is now doing her higher studies and is married I think.


Anonymous said...

Even though u had included almost all of the nuances from ur life i was waiting for this post for it was the first time rockus came in the spotlight.The @##hole named the devil was hailed a hero by the self proclaimed dons of the college too when he was shown the way out surely u remember tht too..

hafeez said...

it was not t 1st time i was invloved in any case n was standin in frnt of dear PRINCI,etaayalum tht was a wondrful exp

naveen said...

Tht was a close call naru,but if i remember correctly,the case surfaced when princy was not in town. Bond called u guys and talked abt. complaining it to the internet police in B'lore or some stuff like tht. I 2 had a recent "close encounter" with princy,Courtecy,the "pomeranian".

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! U guys seem to have really enjoyed the experience :lol:

I too had a serious brush with my school PRINCI regarding paper leaking ... it was a wonderful experience ... I was in 8th std then :D Loved it [only because parents were not involved as I was her fav. student and was “otherwise” a bright student]... would hv never got caught if that idiot guy had not written the qt ans' on his exam pad! How can guys be so foolish ;))

No such episodes in college, I became a good girl after that :D

A goodie gurl

danya said...

still remember bond telling about the internet police and all blah blah and the mail case after this where the mail,according to him came from som ambalamukku(seems so dont remember exactly) region... and even now one of the 'goodies' in the college has strong connection with Appi...

Erosimian said...

ive had similar "issues" in school too.

but unfortunately, my parents came to know about all, and my "childhood" was destroyed by extreme "DISHUM"'s ........

Unknown said...

@divakar Yup! Rockus was in the limelight for the first time in his life for all the wrong reasons...
@Haf Wonderful in the sense that after that I became closer to you and Sree...
@Naveen Your post is soon coming buddy...Trying to murder old men!!!
@Arti At school goody two shoes and at college a bad ass...thts me... the thing is never caught at school ;-)
@Danya Wow! He went to the extent of Internet Police! Anyway Appi is in touch with the our goody lady for sure...
@Duttan Lucky for me still a Goody Goody at home. Never knows when it is shattered. I am scared by a comment my uncle reportedly said having unvieled my mask and all...Hope he didnt see me in any "compromising situation"......

Neetika said...

I was the most naughtiest girl in my school. I was the master mind but in my teachers eyes i was very sincere and quiet student!!

naveen said...

Do wht ever u want mate,its all urs!!! but,plz dont b kind on tht pomeranian!!!

Unknown said...

@neetika Seems to be me reloaded! The evil mastermind! *Rockus curls two fingers in each hand*

@naveen One hot attempted murder and caught by a pommie coming up!

kickassso said...

heh! it aint that hard to crack an email account! I found out the hard way:( but making a hard copy WAS a horrible mistake.leave no traces... no phone calls... word of mouth mano a mano is the securest way to go!

Unknown said...

@kickasso We learned it the hard way...
Lucky none of us were Princi's "wanted" ones or else it would have been a suspension for me for sure...

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