Tour Report X (One Wild Night!-I)

Everyone was in really good spirits by now. A lot of noise and many declarations followed. "iam that. iam this. iam shit u are good" etc
Rajguru made an announcement.
"This is one of my last hangouts and I thank u all guys.U are really lucky.............So i make the complete expense of tonight on myself"
"Wah! Rajguru Wah!" ,came the encore.
The room was clear except the close circle.
Rajguru said," Who is coming to see Delhi at night with me?"
"me! me! me!", the encore.
"Ok lets go."
It was drizzling outside. They got an umbrella from reception.
Neo said," Da I want my umbrella. I'll get sick otherwise."
"Oh get it fast a$$****!",said Garfield impatiently and followed Neo.
Now garfield had to take the stairs as neo left by the lift. But Garfield was consipicously missing from the room.
"He was really paambu. Where did he go?", thought Garfield hoping he did not go into any strangers room.
When he came down. THere was Neo standing.
" I couldn't find my umbrella. Mom will scold me."
"Idiot go to your room first and not any others.And no need of any umbrella.At most u may die", Garfield dragged a whimpering Neo outside and they started to walk.
The destination was a bar nearby. All of us bought a round of beer. Gentlemanyan had a sprite. The guy drinks sprite from bars at 40-45 Rs for a glass! Apart from him there was Archie, Palmer, Hogan, Garfield, Kobra, Neo, Thirupaachi, Kattabuji and Rashtriyakaran. Suddenly Archie wanted throw up, went to the toilet to do that and came back. Now everyone was having a ball. They ordered a cauliflower manchurian and vegetable manchurian. More eating. Time came for the ordering second round. Garfield and Rashtriyakaran declined. The bar guys told they had to close at 11:15 and it will open again at 12:30, so they had to leave.
All of them were sober upon entering the bar. But now they were really on a roll. The Atmosphere was absolutely electric.
The roads were wet and mud puddles all over.
Suddenly Kattabuji had a revelation.
"Aliya, I want to take pushups." He tried to but fell flat on his face and lay there giggling.
"I'll show you how its done.", Palmer said and to his credit did a couple before going down.
Others were laughing their guts out. Lucky no Police came for rounds.
Non-Gugulites like Samson, Odie and Gaanagandharvan came and guided everyone to hotel.