Tour Report VI (Decadence on Rails-I)

Now is the time for a little hide and seek. I am going to present a report on the decadence on the rails. I am not going to use the real names of the concerned. You have to guess who is who. Just in case…
Most of them had the dreams and aspirations to be decadent for a lifetime and then stop the vices completely (duh!). So burdened by these aspiring thoughts, the boyz boarded the train. All was alright for a long time. The Rajguru was quiet. Major guguholics like Thirupaachi where down with fever or pretty contented like Garfield, Archie, Kobra, Kattabuji in incessant sugar beating.
After some time Garfield found the class Gentlemanyan’s behavior to be quite odd, laughing in a peculiar manner and other odd expressions. Suddenly he felt that irresistible pull towards a magnetic force and found Archie, Palmer and Kobra had recharged. Rajguru was all in smiles. Garfield had his recharge as well.
Chota Recharge! Full Talktime!
Rajguru asked others, “Hows our Gentlemanyan and Gaanagandharvan? I gave them sprite mixed with Smirnoff vodka?”
“ But didn’t they know?”
“Avan kallan njan kallanu kanji vachavan. I used a syringe to get the spirit in and broke the seal of the bottle in front of them!”
“Wah Rajguru Wah! Aapne Kamaal kar diya!”
"The lucky guys to start with Smirnoff, I started with Blue Ribband Vodka", said Garfield. "Me too", affirmed RashtriyaKaran.
The protagonists were having a real good time! They thought of breaking the news in Manali... But the spirits never rest peacefully...
Now kattabuji had also recharged. Mr.Perfect and Thirupaachi stayed away from the spirit. I am too sleepy to think about others.
As said in the movie The Mummy “Death is only the beginning!” we can say
“Berth is only the beginning!”
P.S: Want to know who these are? No need!