Ek Anek aur Ekta

While searching for some, um, ‘stuff’ in Desitorrents, I came across the documentary section. I looked into it curiously and found some great stuff. Out of which one I downloaded instantly. It is a short movie by NFDC (National Film Development Council) titled, “Ek, Anek aur Eketa” (One, Many and Oneness). The film would be familiar those who have seen Doordarshan some 10-15 years back. It is an animation about the strength of togetherness and harmony.
It really brought in a wave of nostalgic emotions to me. I loved these kind of stuff and still do. The animation may be simplistic and drab but the emotion adds a lot of colour to it. I really feel that NFDC should dig up these forgotten treasures and put it up for download. At least they could put it as torrent download and there may be a lot of willing seeders if I am not mistaken. Embrace the medium of torrents and use it for some good purpose rather than simply downloading movies, songs, games, porn etc.
The university exams start tomorrow and I have to get some studies going. All the best for everyone writing the exams.
Signing off with the words from the documentary:
“Sooraj Ek, Chanda Ek
Thaare Anek.
Ek Dilhari,
Anek Dilhariyan
Ek Thithali
Anek Thithaliyan
Ek Chidiya
Anek Chidiya”

P.S:For those who don’t know Hindi (or forgotten it):
Sooraj-Sun, Chanda- Moon, Thaare- Stars, Dilhari- Squirrel, Thithali- Butterfly, Chidiya- Bird, Ek- One, Anek- Many
P.P.S: My next download is Nat Geo documentary on Kalari Payattu


ജെയിംസ് ബ്രൈറ്റ് said...

NFDC is National Film Develoment Corporation.
Is n't it so?

Unknown said...

Ya it is. Thanks for pointing out the error.

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