Schadenfreude Reloaded!

Take a bow Freddie! You deserve it! Ashes. Lords. Farewell. It could not be scripted better! The mighty Aussies gone down and my prediction of this Ashes resembling the last India-Australia series starting to come good. England scratching out a draw in the first match and going on to win the series. I hope it turns out that way rather than like 1997 Ashes, where England went from 1-0 to lose the series 1-2. Then again, 1997 Aussie side had McGrath and Warne.

Schadenfreude? I have a strong dislike for Ponting and his Aussie side. Far cry from the Steve Waugh side. Ponting's side come off as an annoying prick rather than the Godly side that Waugh led. A side against which you were helpless and they showed the exact right amount of arrogance to suit. An apt comparison would be Sreesanth's antics and McGrath's antics.

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