The Beatles Rock Band: A showering of awesomeness

Damn! I am half inclined to go bankrupt to buy an XBox 360 and this game! It seems to be so promising! Confirmed track list shows some intriguing songs apart from my favourites. Within you, Without you takes the cake. Sitar solos! Tabla jams! If done right, that would be awesome!

Paperback Writer, Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, With a little help from my friends, the lists rolls on and on. The artwork is sublime. It shows the progression of Beatles from a lovey dovey band to the Art Rock masters that they are.

Releasing on 09.09.09...hmm...that reminds me. That's the same day as our beta release. Back to work.

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Praveen said...

seems like a must play game :D

Unknown said...

@Praveen: You bet!

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