Zoozoo and a perverted Mallu

I am a big fan of the Vodafone Zoozoo ads. Fabulous job done by O&M. I was awed when I got to know that these critters are actually live action and not animation. Confession: After I got to know that these Zoozoos are young ladies in a fancy outfit, I have been fantasizing about them! Any outfits available for some kinky time in bed? Heck by the look of my love life I should get a zoozoo blowup doll instead! Okay. I'll stop turning you off.

And yeah...these Zoozoos are mallus.

Closely listen to what the male Zoozoo is saying.

Scene 1: Parotta, Parotta, Parotta
Scene 2: At 0:15 Puttum Kadalem
Scene 3: Kappa-Meen, Kappa-Meen, Kappa-Meen

All three would be familiar to any self respecting mallu out there. Three of our favourite dishes!

If not, pics follow for your amnesiac brains:

Some links for all the Zoozoo voyeurs...err...fans out there:
Leaving for Thrissur tonight. Attending a friends marriage. May seems to be the month of marriages. Umm...my parents wedding anniversary is this month. I forgot the date! Dammit!

(P.S: Click on the images to go to a couple of drool worthy cooking blogs!)


aashiks said...

Interestingly some of us awere having a conversation about Zoozooz . Awesome ads i must say.

anandjkumar2gmail.com said...

superb observation dat zoozoos are mallus....... proud 2 b a mallu.....:D

Soorya said...

Hilarious observation!!!!
I was ROFL listening to the "puttum kadalem puttum kadalem"!!!

Rockus said...

@aashiks: Yeah. They are threatening to start a sub-culture!

@nandu: Thanks! :)

@soorya: I was like "huh! that sounds familiar!" when I saw the ad for the 2nd or 3rd time.

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