Was checking out stuff and found this Friday five. Since I dislike conventions, I decided to do the tag on a Tuesday and on a mid-May.

The original rule meant a report card for the quarter. I am turning into the report card for the mid-year along with anticipation for the month and a half. Lets see how this pans out!
Would you say 2009 so far is meeting expectation, exceeding expectations, or failing to meet expectations?

Difficult one. I am not easily satisfied with stuff. That said, I am fairly optimistic about the month and half ahead. My answer would be meeting expectation.

What letter grade would you give yourself for your performance at work or school?

Similar to Q 1. I would give myself a C if things go as planned. Otherwise a D.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how happy have you been with the weather so far in 2009?

Too hot for comfort this summer is. Talking like Yoda its making me. Give the weather a 4, will I.

Which of the Motion Picture Association of America’s film ratings would you give your social life so far in 2009?

Hmm. Tough one this is! No prospect of change in the coming 6 weeks means its R rated. No real chance of going NC-17! :P

2009’s parents are on the phone and want to know how 2009 can improve its performance. What have been 2009’s areas of strength and what are its areas for growth in the second quarter?

2009 needs to get off its butt and start doing things! Little more reading up on technology, business, and other leisure stuff would do a world of good. 2009's strength has been a lot of luck combined with lot of goodwill. Areas of growth are immense, given the position of 2009 in mid May.That was a quick one! Boring? Certainly not for me! Take it up if you find it interesting.