This is it

Weekends typically starts of on a desperate note.

The wake up call is usually either one of the following:

a) Nature calls. Calls me an asshole and warns me of dire consequences if I don't enter the loo within seconds.
b) Stomach calls. Calls me with a growl. Need some food. Or if you really want your oesophagus for brunch...

If its point a, the level desperation may heighten if the bathrooms aren't free. If its point b, all that I do is wake up and after a couple of hours head out to have lunch. Oh! The wakeup time is 11-12 by the way!

Friday night included a very heavy dinner with lots of beer thanks to having no breakfast and virtually no lunch. Wakeup call at 9 this Saturday. My mom's friend was in Bangalore visiting her son. Invite to lunch on Sunday. Lunch invites are gleefully accepted these days since I am really fed up of eating mediocre food. Great food is available at the cost of a very long walk and rather high price. I ended up not going as laziness took over my bones as usual. Anyways I slept again only to be woken up at 12. One of my roomies had gone to visit the doc and the doc promptly got him admitted. Rest of the day was spent watching IPL in his hospital room. Dude got a paid vacation for the weekend with AC!

Evening was when the action started. Amit Varma was doing a book reading in Crossword. Really wanted to get the book signed by him. So I called up Neo and told him to meet me at Residency Road. Google Maps showed the way as very simple! Yours truly proceeded to Residency Road and promptly forgot the mobile phone.

After a short stroll I realised that there was no store as mentioned by Google Maps! I walked in circles, squares, and even a trapezium for an hour! Bulb strikes late and I decided to go to the Crossword store in Garuda Mall and ask them for directions. Straight from the horse's mouth! When I reached Garuda Mall, there was another book reading going on. Manjushree Abhinav was reading her newly launched book, "A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage." Being really tired, I decided to stay and found the discussion very good. Tom Alter was also present. Got the book signed by the author and decided to ask about the other Crossword store. The damn thing was nowhere near where I had landed and decided go there anyway to see if Amit Varma was still around. Thankfully, I caught him just as the reading was over. Got the book "My Friend Sancho" signed and picked up a copy of "For whom the bell tolls" by Hemingway. Happy bee was me!

When I got home, the pint bottle of Fuel that I had bought was over thanks to Neo and Hogan. (I had bought a full bottle and a pint of Fuel on Friday so that we don't go dry on a Saturday. All watering holes would be closed on counting days. We didnt want to make the same mistake as we did during election days!) Neo promptly shovered me with curses and abuses. He also couldnt find Crossword. Heck! He was searching for Crossroad instead of Crossword and went circles, squares, and ellipses in MG Road area. He didnt go trapezium since he is a bit too straight!

Me and Neo went out to get some dinner so that me and JC could exhaust the Fuel! Both of our legs were weary from our misadventures and decided to take Auto. All of them wanted a ransom from us and we ended up namecalling and was sure lucky to be out of fist fights. Got some dinner from the Nandhini nearby and proceeded to empty the Fuel.

Wake up call due to point b in the morning. Noonish would be a better word! The high point was a short drive to Kayal from a sumptuos Sadya. Low point was being too drowsy to go for the planned drive to ISKCON temple. Me and Nike watched IPL while Hogan was busy watching Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Naan Kaduvul. After a while cable gave up on us and both of us slept off. Neo came home and got me going to Kyra. We are on a mission to go to all the swanky restaurants in Bangalore before he leaves to Chennai this mid-july.

Thermal and a Quarter was playing. Great show. I loved their new track Sold. Always wanted to see TAAQ live and got it done at the cost of expensive food and booze. We downed a couple of Carlsburgs and had a starter. We ended up with Subway sandwiches on the way home to ward the hunger off.

This is it. A weekend gone like a breeze. Bankrupt now. Looking forward to May 29. Salary yay!

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Praveen said...

man, u were there at amit's book release..even I reached there towards the end, when the function was about to end..I also got one book signed from him..

Forgot abt the TAAQ show in Kyra :(..
been planning to drop in kyra the last week...seems like many shows r lined up there.,.evergreen is playing today..

and junkyard groove coming up this month end

Rockus said...

@Praveen: I got there after the function was over. Luckily Amit was still hanging around.

Kyra is a good place to go for the music. Prices are sort of high for the food. If they line up too many good shows a month Ill have to skip most and may be go for one good show.

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