Happy Birthday Amma

Happy Birthday Amma!

You are not going to see this post and I hope you never will! This blog contains a snapshot of everything bad about her only sonny. He wants you to live in a world where her son is innocent and uncorrupted. Still I am writing this. Words give me a sense of power and a power of expression. My only outlet.

You did everything you could to raise me as a good human being. Took me into your arms when I had no option but to cry helplessly as school work piled up owing to my tardiness. You sat up several nights writing my records and drawing pictures that I should have made while I slept blissfully. You faced the flak and the shame for my bad academics. You defended me with fire in front of those who expressed doubts on my future.

You walked the tightest of ropes when we were financially insecure. Never let anything come in the way of my education. You catered to my wildest convictions and let me do whatever I wanted. You let me pour our precious savings down the drain for my dreams for which I never worked. You always gave my opinions a lot of merit.

Thank you for letting me be me. The arrogant prick who does what he thinks is right. Thank you for teaching me how to live and believing in me.

Happy Birthday.

P.S: If any of you dicks who know me personally direct this blog to my mom, I am going to have your innards for dinner.
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Praveen said...

I hope ur mom do read this...am sure she'll feel happy..

Now if she somehow reads this, please dont think its me who directed here :P

the light said...

confessions of an honest and truely grateful heart.
thanks for following me on twitter.
looking forward to more candid posts

Unknown said...

@Praveen: Reading this is fine. She will be really happy. We dont want her to read my escapades with booze and babes do we?

@the light: Thanks! :-)

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