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Long story short. Anjali got the Honest Weblog Award with a conditional tag included. Write a post on 10 honest things about yourself. Since she has been gracious enough to open the tag for the not-so-honest and unscrupulous rest of us, I thought I would do this! After all, I need to justify the blog title at times!

1. I started this blog way back in 2005 with the notion of being totally anonymous. Write about deep rooted evil within my mind! Minutes later I realised I did not have much to write! So you are reading this blog in its current form!

2. I started planning on taking over this world right from the age of 6. Planning still underway!

3. I am a little too optimistic about every thing.

4. I cannot hold a grudge for long. Just cannot hate people. I can dislike them though.

5. I hold all my relationships with great value. Gets irritated and depressed when the feeling is not mutual.

6. I have a good long term memory and things I did when I was younger still shames me. Even the small incidents are left fresh on my mind.

7. I have done nasty experiments on grasshoppers when I was little. See point 6.

8. I like to walk. A lot. Have walked upto 8-10 KM at a stretch rather aimlessly.

9. I get carried away by my ideas. Plan a lot and end up abandoning them.

10. I am a procastrinator of the highest order. Still I manage to get things done satisfactorily to all but me.


chithira said...

nice..a coincidence bt i jus wrote a 100 things abt me :)..inspired by smbody...

Rockus said...

@Chithira: 100 things! :O I dont think I know that much about myself!

Praveen said...

the one thing I found most interesting was walking along a road for 8-10 kms...GOD!

Rockus said...

@Praveen: Didnt count the miles really. Should remember to carry a tripmeter from now on! ;)

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