The Importance of being idle...

Am I lazy?
Am I?
Too lazy to type I think! :P
Been like this all my life?
Probably yes. I never had any hurry to do things unless I started something. Then the interest would remain for a while until I go slacking again.
But this is the peak time I think. Doing nothing on the project. Forgetting important things like assignments. (Damn, forgot to look at IP load balancing again! :( )

I have tried to absolve from being lazy...But to no avail...Seems like I have been programmed this way.Minimum effort...Maximum output.
But the difference is that once I get working then I am totally focussed. Its not a real problem to spend too much time. Mainly because I do things blazingly fast. Not self harping but its the truth.
The problem here is the starting trouble. No proper self motivation I guess...That is an odd thing for a motivator-in-chief like me :P

Aaargh! Getting too serious here!
I think the main reason for the laziness is the fact that I dont cease thinking. My brain is constantly working on problems that adhere to the cosmological patterns of the universe, trying hard to interpret the subtle mathematical differences between the position to mass ratio of a positron and a neutrino inside the unstable equilibrium of a time division (yawn......zzzzz)
PJ at its worst...I know that...still, I think I think too much (was that a correct sentence?) May be thats why I am lazy. May be I really need a flaying...Probably the second...

So here is a song to the lazy mates...
Oasis- The importance of being Idle


Arti Honrao said...

"The problem here is the starting trouble. No proper self motivation I guess..."

Arti thinks U shd be blessed by God wid a gurl who would be there to kick ur a** ... starting wud never be a prb again :p

Arti also says ... she is praying [-o<


naveen said...

Ya...i think u will get enough motivation from J*s*i**... ivane neridan avale konde nadakku...and,v all r lazy naru... it is just a matter of the severity of laziness...some willo b more and others less...And, as ur favourate sir told.."Success is 10% intelligance and 90% hardwork"

Unknown said...

@Arti: hehe...i will be sorry for my a** :P

@Naveen: Eda patti pattu %$&#$@#@#

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