Bad Start?

Bad news for a new template...
Heck it was bad news in the first message to my new number!
My good friend Naveen met with an accident on the way back from college.

We had a treat from teaching staff today (Thanks for the treat! But Chicken Biriyani would have been better! :P). We went to college for the treat. Spent our time chatting to friends and loitering around.
Usually we have a pitstop on our way back. Me and Anand went ahead of others and we waited for them to come up. We waited for some time and I decided to call someone and check. Suddenly I found a message which said "An accident happnd da. Please come." from Hafeez. I called him and we rushed to the hospital.
I was dumbstruck when I saw a totally swollen faced Pattu who was almost fainting. Doc had placed him on observation for two hours.

Here is how it happened.
Hafeez gave the Activa to Naveen for riding as he was having a sore eye. Just a while from our college, a cyclist jumped into the middle of the road and Activa hit the cycle and fell. Hafeez fell on top of Naveen. Rajeev, who was coming from behind, crashed into the cycle and fell. A couple of other bikes also fell down.
Only Naveen was hurt and he was immediately taken to the hospital by Thakkudu.
Hafeez ignored the people gathered around and started after it.

Pappoos was stuck there as people stopped him from going. The Police SI came and took the key from Rajeev. He was wise and said he didn't know the crashed vehicle. The public let Rajeev go.
When we reached hospital, the cycle guy also came. He was with several people. A guy came to me and Dinkan and introduced himself as CPM local commitee guy. Told us the guy was an employee of a tailor who lived with that cycle ( I thought tailors stiched cloths!) And we had to take care of it. Then the guy tried to show his injury to his head. All we could see was hair! Then they saw Naveen and softened up.

Dinkan called his father, a respected man in the partycircles, who promptly joined us and talked with the people for us. After a lot of haggling we could settle for Rs 1000.
Not because, we were the culprits. Because we rode the bigger vehicle and we were college students. Also the guy was poor and he told a lot of things about his family ( Senti! boohoo! )
1000 bucks for a second hand cycle?
Fuck them! They would all lose the same. Each one of them!
We decided to settle because the process is way to complicated if we go the legal way. DInkan's father is a lawyer and he knows best in regard to these things. In the middle of this Anand got into a verbal spat with some local assholes. I had to cool him down before he said something really bad.

Pattu was released only at 8 Pm and we got back homes around 9.
He is fine now. With some patch work in face :-(
Just this morning I had mentioned how "dashing" he looked in his Kurta...It tore...:-(
I think Haf said he never got him on the road in the morning...It feels bad when things like this happen.

In the end:
We lose a lot of money. Haf has some good expenses coming to repair his bike. CPM gains a few votes. The comrades get some drinks! (One of them was already drunk...) Fuck the marxists and don't vote for them!

I dedicate the song "Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors to all my motoring friends and others too.
Ah Keep your eyes on the road,
Your hands upon the wheel.
Keep your eyes on the road
Your hands upon the wheel.
Yeah, we're going to the roadhouse,
Gonna have a real good-time.


Arti Honrao said...

"Ah Keep your eyes on the road,
Your hands upon the wheel."
seriously u all need to consider this part.
There have been a lot of accidents lately. Reading here, reading at Poisons' blog. Then I hear of a serious accident from my ex ... it is scary!
What's happening wid u guys here? Did u guys have a fight with some tantrik...??
And he lost his temper and chalaod his jaadu?

Sorry for the PJ but wanted to end it lighter way...
Take care u all guys [n dont ever mess up with tantriks]

GBU all ... drive carefully guys ... pls

Unknown said...

@Arti: Donno about tantriks but we seem to have a bad time.
Atleast God has been on our side as all the places where we had accidents are hotspots with buses raging by. Fortunately none was there when we people fall.

Arti Honrao said...

Yeah I can say that God was indeed with you all because not much damage was done. Prayers of ur loved ones and blessings of ur parents all add to it.

As ur duty and thanks for the goodness of these people you all need to take great care while driving.
Well! I don't want to sound like a nosy auntie ... but I care n hence I dare


another illusion said...

I myself almost had an accident a few days back!!

btw, nice song. :)

Unknown said...

@arti: Thanks aunty!:P *bracing myself with a shield!*

@illusion: God bless you!
That song is damn good!

danya said...

wht happens to all our guys these days...first it was takkudu n boony with serious injuries...before tht u n anand once...and then rahul...then rajeev...and the last one in the series...haf n most of these cases it wasnt our wht v can do is just b careful and pray to god.....

Unknown said...

@danya: Finally a comment.
Comment late and I still don't talk!

outsiders said...


"CPM gains a few votes. The comrades get some drinks! "

this part i totally understand.. from there u went on to

"Fuck the marxists and don't vote for them!"

Dint understand why u had such a dramatic stand on the issue.. local leaders are local leaders no matter which party they belong to, they'l exploit any situation to their advantage, n no best how to make money.. tats universal, so whats all this CPM bashin for??

Unknown said...

@outsiders: Its not just this issue...
the every issue the marxists have taken their stance on has been for the worse for the state in the long run...
I am no fan UDF either...but looking back at 5 years from 96-2001...this is better...
and the comrades are always exploting and such a reaction is also universal...

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