Thank You :)

Net has not been disconnected yet, so the previous farewell speech stands muted! This could be (hone ka sambhavana hain!) my last post for a while, so what better way than go out saying thank you!

Thanks a lot for all my team mates and colleagues in SunTec and all of my friends here. You have made my life a memorable one! I had a larger than life thanks to all of you. As my token of appreciation I request all the blog readers to observe a minute of silence, curl your little lips ala Mick Jagger, raise their couple of little hands, make horns (bend all your fingers except for the little one and the big one) and say Rock On!! Then another one especially for the video below. Thanks Arun! You rock big time man!


kartoos said...

Hey I dint know you were leaving. keep blogging wherever you are. Ive given you the brilliant blogger award as well:-)

Unknown said...

@kartoos: Thanks for the award! *goes over the previous speech*
Donno when I will be able to blog again...needs a system along with peace of mind!

Praveen said...

u've been tagged:D

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