Rock On!!

Just watched Rock On!! A wonderful movie. Simple storyline, exceptional music, good acting from all involved. In short a great experience. Its not (just!) about rock muic, but about friendship and relationships in general. I would give the movie 4.5/5, the same that I gave at imdb (9).

I am not going to dissect the movie, I would rather let you read the review by someone who has actually been there and done that. Check out Praveen's review.

P.S: Arjun Rampal seems to be styled after Eric Clapton of the Cream era! Check the pics below! It does remind me a lot of Clapton!


Praveen said...

hehhe..I came here running to read the review..and wat I saw was a link to my page:D..anyway thnks 4 tht..

rampal..hmm..almost like clapton..good observation. I also gave 4.5 rating 4 the movie:D

ps-this film has inspired me like no other. now I started practsing guitar regularly after a long time. and as a tribute to this movie, am trying to play the songs from it

ajay said...


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