I shouldn't be writing this post. RSI has hit me hard it seems. After around a decade of abuse, its not very surprising. But, writing unwinds me. Unleashes my demons. Makes me the rock that I am. This is damnest time to have a wave of attack as well. I am working through my nose to complete my pending tasks before I leave the company. Just 2 more days left of actual work. On top of this, I seem to have an upper back inflammation, thanks to God knows what!

May be I am just getting too old. Unfortunately, I act very immature and childish towards certain people. Should stop that. It isn't cute. It can land you in trouble. Serious trouble. Wrong people may peep into your life. You may lose your friends forever. May be I am in the process of losing one. May be I already lost one. If I do lose, consider a part of me dead. The better part. Whats left will be a shell of a man, unpredictable, uncouth and in plain words, a loser.

Funny, may arm has started to stiffen already. I still have to type pages and pages today. Speak volumes on my knowledge. All with a heavy heart. Thanks to no one but me.


Resmi... said...

Same as how I felt 6 months back. Well, all the best!

Praveen said...

kilavan...kayyodinjaalum blogging nirthoola:P

Unknown said...

@resmi: Thanks!

@praveen: evidunnu!

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