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You Are Fraud

You will do anything to get ahead. And if you fail, you can always reinvent yourself.

You probably have a sordid past, and you're good at completely hiding it.

You find it easy to lie. No one can tell if you're lying, and lying doesn't make you feel guilty.

You think people are gullible. And you rather fool them than get fooled.


Anonymous said...

You Are Arson
No doubt about it, you have a serious destructive streak. You can't help it!
Sometimes you just get so frustrated with the world, and you have to let your aggression out

You have a notoriously bad temper. You are obsessed with getting your revenge.
You are obviously a pyromaniac, whether you realize it or not. It feels great to watch something burn.

suits me m in the army

Unknown said...


Glad you are in the army n not a terrorist!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah...praise the lord....lol

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