I could feel someone was looking at me. But, I didn't feel uncomfortable which I usually get if I feel I am being looked at. I turned around. I could see a pair of soft, innocent eyes looking at me. Then she smiled. The most beautiful smile ever. Her smile and her look suggested that she wanted me to go near her. As I walked towards her, she shifted her glance. Oh! The age old method of female deception! I took no note and approached. Her eyes once again transfixed on me. Mine on her. Her smile ever so beautiful. Our eyes spoke for us. Our smiles spoke for us. Then she gently caressed my cheek. I was taken aback. No one had done that it a decade or more! The soft caress grew stronger. She pinched my cheeks. I didn't feel a thing except pure bliss. She was growing in confidence, just as my anticipation did. Suddenly, in one deft move, she leaped into arms. Took my head in her hands and fiercely pulled my nose. The little brat broke into a squeal of laughter!

"She likes you.", said her mother.

I smiled. Most of the little kids do. But no one has dared to pull my nose yet!