What a Day!

Wanted to do something substantial in project today...So bunked class though I am running short of attendance...Necks will be slit if I go under attendance!(So teachers beware!)...Moreover didnt want to miss the final days of college...But circumstances made me bunk.(Iam innocent!)
All started around 12 at night...A throbing head and a sleepy eyes made me want to go sleep though I had two assignments to finish. A friend tried to keep me online but she did not see me drooping away every two minutes :-)). Anyway decided to go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 1:15.
Woke up! Throbbing head again and no one online :-( Started writing. Had no idea what I was doing and probably the second assignment is all shit. Finished up around 3 and went to bed. Wake up at 6:30 and a dash to Hary's place to give the assignments.
Woozy again. So had a tea from outside and then another after coming home. Had a breakfast and watched TV for a while...At 9:15 started sleeping again...interrupted by mom at 10:15 when she and Father were leaving. Changed my sleeping position to downstairs bedroom and slept blissfully till 12:30! So much for project:P
Then had lunch...went outside to take a walk and clear my head. Bad move! Too hot and became exhausted...Came back started doing project...well started...then error galore...some library files misssing...searched frantically...no avail...Started playing Morrowind (an excellent RPG) and Anand came. We did the UML diagrams for a while till evening. He left at 4 and me back to bed again...woke up at 5:30 when Mom came back. Lazed around...chatted with a friend on phone...played some loud music...and voila! brain wave at 9:30! Decided to correct my user problems in XP and I crashed the bloody thing. XP wont boot! To make matters worse I had removed Ubuntu Linux and installed SUSE linux in a bad way. So no Linux as well.Tried Ubuntu live and install CD's to get my PC up again and after several 100 tries (10 to be exact:P) Free CD's meant bad CD's I guess!
And now running on Ubuntu Live...what a beautiful day!
Song recommendation: Nancy Sinatra:These boots are meant for walking...