You Are Mint Green

Balanced and calm, you have mastered the philosophy of living well.
Your friends seek you out for support, and you are able to bring stability to chaotic situations.
You're very open and cheerful - and you feel like you have a lot of freedom in life.
Your future may hold any number of exciting things, and you're ready for all of them!

Well...I was very upset then. But now thinking, talking, chatting has helped a lot. Even the university results seem to be rather tame now. The self belief and the confidence is back. Bt
But a friend seems to think I am a big fool knowing nothing about life and pretending to be a know it all. Well dude. I give a fuck! And God bless you!
I am not like you think man. I know the pitfalls, I know the people and I know the system. I am flexible enough to cope the different surroundings. This comes as a result of being screwed multiple times. Not the big screws...the tiny ones seems to be enough.
I thought of posting the entire conversation but I dont him to feel bad (My friends would know him instantly and he is a very nice guy) He was trying to play sadistic jokes on me. Well I forgive. I am still chatting to him as I write this.

Oh well enough ranting about nothing. I thank all the people who have supported me through this...friends, blogger buddies, chatfriends, family etc. I think its been a long while since I found myself so dejected and it feels good when I am back to my self again.

And I am telling the results part by part at home. Zor ka chatka dheere se lage! ;-)


Anonymous said...

being around u for four years now i feel that u r good the way u r and just dont give a damn abt sarcasm & i liked tht zor ka jhatka part

Panackal said...

Which M****n is that who thinks u r not talented... Just dont listen to such stupid things.. Ur greatest strength is ur talent!!! and we all are proud of that... I hope ur spirits are still high even after the results.. Ups and downs are part of life.. Ur time will come a day when there will be Naru and only Naru all around... We will be waiting eagerly for that day...

Arti Honrao said...


Arti Honrao said...

Oh BTW I am teal green :D


another illusion said...

never stop believing in yourself.

-Poison- said...

i am also mint green...

Arti Honrao said...

Aapka profile image dekhke kamzor dil ko attack aa sakta hai ;))


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