Job (Un)Fair!

The Hindu Job Fair...
10000 Jobs in offing!!!
Freshers and Experienced candidates gets equal opportunities!!!

And I applied for it. Without much hope I should add. I would have been hoping against hope to be hoping for something. Too much hope in that sentence? :P
"Whats wrong dude?" May be your question...
Apparently this dude has a GPA of "fivepointsomething" (I am not shameless enough to post my percentage:P)
Lots of achievements (in Extra curricular)
Some cool projects under construction (More on that later:P)

And the rejection comes at first point itself...So I haven't written any tests yet!
So when hall ticket came from an R&D tech company I rejoiced. Atleast I could write a test. A BPO hall ticket had come earlier though.

And I dressed up in the morning. Took my Father's shirt. The only ironed one left in the house that fits me:P
Left to take printouts of hall tickets and joined friends in the looooong queue.
Chain poloism, waving at old buddies etc. while waiting...

And we entered the hall.
CTS invited us in with a two storey, cool stall. We got the wind from Ganu about stuff here.
My company said "We are looking for experienced candidates." Java.2+years were the keywords...And almost all other companies except Verizon was like that. And freshers came from all over Kerala just to hear this.
Hafeez wrote the test for Verizon and entered interview. It is still not deciphered whether he got selected or not...
"The Hindu" sucks! They needed some ad money and so such mockery. No wonder I read "Indian Express"!

And...(too many "And" starts? ) we went to deduct 12 minutes from our life. I didn't want to. But still the lure was on and I wanted to do something then. Then I got back home had a good lunch with Chicken Biriyani and slept off.

Positives: Well, I did hang out with my old friend. That was quite good.

And (again! *sigh) it was a decent day in terms of "ornithology" :-D


Anonymous said...

I agree with u 100% aliya since we wher together in this debacle i dont want to recite this agin but this was nothing but a farce

naveen said...

Same here dude...I 2 was happy tht a R&D company gave me the invitation.. then,the rest is history!! 2day,v went again,hoping 2 write US test.. But 2day even they were also collecting resumes and told us tht they will contact us later!! Like hell they will.. Meanwhile,after hafeez entered test,verizon raised cutoff 2 75+..

Anand K said...

Hi Rockus.... didn't know you were a CETian till I read Magneta's comment on her blog. Great going, boss!

I attempted just Infy, TCS and CTS 'coz I was sure I wud be going for my MS (which I did).... just attended these tests for a horror onlee. Got thru to the final stage of TCS filter but was blasted out of the water by this dude who for some reason asked me a hell lot of stuff on microprocessors! Plus another one was grilling me about the intricacies of Tennenbaum's OS fundae..... and that HR guy didn't even open his mouth if I recall. The Taliban showed Najibullah more mercy..... ;)

I totally empathize with thee, Herr Rockus. More power to our types!

Neetika said...

Hi dude!!
I didn't experienced it yet...
But who knows about the future??
Anyways, how r u?
Coming back after long time
Take care

Unknown said...

@divakar,@naveen: lets give them a triple finger eleven!

@anand.k:Thanx for dropping by!
btw I am not from THE CET but a CET with an extra M! Mohandas College of Engg & Tech...
I was referring to my class in Magneta's blog...
Power to thee too! :-)

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